Dog Training with Napoleon - Little Dog, Big Attitude

He’s called Napoleon for a reason – small dog BIG attitude!  This little tyke got his Christmas wish early when he was adopted by my clients through the organization Shaggy Dog Rescue of Houston.


Little dog - big attitude

Little dog – big attitude

I got a phone call from his new mom because Napoleon was doing a lot of growling at Mom and Dad when he didn’t get his way and their vet expressed concerns about his behavior.   I quickly dispelled the myths about waiting until he was 6 months of age and recommended they begin training immediately.  This little dog just desperately needed a job to do!

In 3 short lessons his proud parents using The Burwell Method,  have taught him to sit, down, come, go to your bed, touch the target stick (which will lead to other great tricks!), roll over, high 5 and I’m sure much more by now.  The only growling he does now is when he wants to do more training.

Good job Napoleon!  See you in group class in January.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you out there.  I wish you all a safe and happy holiday.  I also wish, as I do every year, that all rescue doggies get their ultimate wish as well and we all know what this is – to get adopted into their “forever home”.  I’ve been hearing that expression for years.  To me it means that the dog has found his home and will never leave because their owners are responsible for their dog’s health, safety and welfare.  Oh yeah, there is also their education – dog training that is!

If you’re thinking about adopting a rescue dog, there are many rescue groups out there.  But whether a rescue or purebred dog, start training and setting boundaries immediately!  It’s never too early.

Jim Burwell

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