Dog Training Using the Gentle Leader - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

What I’ve experienced in my years of dog training, is that the Gentle Leader is a great dog training tool when you need to control large unruly dogs and/or aggressive dogs – regardless of size.

The key to using the Gentle Leader in dog training is persistence – desensitizing your dog to wearing the Gentle Leader.

In dog training, the Gentle Leader can significantly reduce arousal and anxiety in many dogs.  I’ve noticed that about 50% of dogs who use a Gentle Leader, accept it.  However, in the other 50% of the dogs, there is a wide range of non-acceptance and in some dogs there can be a high agitation factor.

When training your dog on the Gentle Leader, associate positive things like food treats with the Gentle Leader.  When you’re training your dog, require your dog to wear the Gentle Leader when eating meals.

If used correctly in the course of your dog training, the Gentle Leader can provide you with pleasurable walks once again.  I always recommend purchasing the product in the case that comes with a very informative DVD.