Dog Training Tip For Training Small Dogs

Dog Training  Small Dogs


Training small dogs that are extremely hyper and jumpy can be very frustrating to train.  They move around so much!

One thing  can change all that and make training a breeze. Here’s what you can do. You can train that small dog, that small, jumpy, hyper dog on a raised platform.

Simple Fool Proof Trick for Dog Training Small Dogs

  • Raised platforms come in many different shapes and sizes. Your kitchen counter can work or  the island in your kitchen.
  • It can be your washer/dryer.
  • It can be your coffee table, or your outside patio table.

Anything t that’s raised up to give you the element of control.

By doing that, you take the control away from your dog. On the floor, they’re in control, even on a leash. It makes it a lot easier once you elevate them up on that raised platform to do your training. It’s not forever. It’s just for two or three days, for a few sessions a day until you get them trained up and moving through their sits and downs, and then you transfer the dog  to the floor.

3 Things You Must Have to Train Your Small Dog

  1. You have to have a leash on your dog when you’re training, even up on the counter.
  2. You have to have high value food treats to train your small dog, to keep them focused on their lesson.
  3. Last but almost the most important is some kind of non-skid mat.

I took Leila’s yoga mat, cut it in half, and I’ve got two great non-skid mats right here.

The reason for the mat is, up on a marble countertop or something like that, even a formica countertop, your dog is going to be slipping and sliding if they’re not used to being up on a high surface like that. This mat gives him confident, non-skid footing so that they can focus more on their lesson. Find that old yoga mat, blow the dust off of it, cut it in half, or drape it over your counter and get to training. It will make all the difference in the world.

 Training Your Small Dog on the Ground Is Easy!

You don’t have to stay up on the counter for long on that raised platform, wherever it might be. You just have to get your small dog started on their sits and downs up there, then transfer her to the floor. It’s that simple. Many, many trainers do that, they know this little trick. Try that the next time, if you’ve got a small, hyper, jumpy, kind of out of control dog. Once you get them up on the counter, smooth sailing.

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