Dog Training Short Sweet to the Point

You might look at dog training as a “time luxury” you can’t afford.

Simple structure in the home, like earning “twice-a-day” meals by getting a simple sit, seems to be too much for many.

Dog Training Short Sweet To the point

Asking for any additional add-ons to the dog’s learn-to-earn program seems to push an already time-crunched dog owner to the point of shut down.  Sound familiar?

Now, trust me, I’m in no way judging here.  I am simply relating how things are in my world of dog training.  

Why I Get Calls

I get calls at the point of shut down, but not for obedience type dog training.

I get the calls to address the dog behavior problems the dog owner sees as a result of not doing their regular dog obedience training.

But, dog owners seem to view it in reverse perspective.  That is, they see it as, “what can we get by with no, or as little as possible, dog training” at first.

Weird Irony

So it’s not that odd, if you’re that frustrated dog owner, that a very simple statement I’ve made before once again rings true.

“You will spend far less time teaching your dog the behavior you want, than constantly correcting the behavior you don’t like.”

The irony is that dog owners are somehow content with the bad dog behavior, not doing anything about it till they get to the point of shut down. Then I get the call.

Short, Sweet and to the Point

Dog training should be short, sweet and to the point. It definitely should not be complicated or take big chunks of time out of your day.

Let’s Break it Down

Training sessions that are too long can cause a dog to loose focus and sometimes become stressed – or zoned out.  
So, do you know what I mean by my question, “Do you zone your dog out?
If you’re training your dog and notice that he seems to become very distracted, not paying attention, and not having fun – then you’re zoning your dog out.
See, here’s the deal.  It will seem simple but it is one of the MAJOR things I see dog and puppy owners do that defeats their entire dog training exercise.

Keep it Short

Don’t train for more than 2 or 3 minutes at a time – that’s it! Simple,  right?
This is especially true with puppies. They simply can not keep their attention on training for more than a few minutes or maybe even 1 minute if they’re really young.
So your next question to me is:  So I only train for 2 or 3 minutes in an entire day??? My dog will never get trained that way.
Wait, there’s more! 🙂   
Train in 2 or 3 minute increments BUT you do those 2 or 3 minute training sessions several times throughout the day.  Space them about 1 hour apart.

Your dog listens, he learns, he absorbs the lesson in between sessions and …you have fun, he has fun.  All is right in the world of dog and puppy training!

This is one of seven training tips that you can have for free.  

Keep it Sweet

Use high value treats to reward your dog for the good behavior you want. Consistency and repetition gets it done!

Keep it To the Point

Make a list of preferred behaviors. Train until you get the behavior you prefer. Working on one thing at a time keeps it to the point and avoids over training.

I can think of 6 more fixable training mistakes you’re probably making. Want to know what they are and, for free?

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I’m always curious about your input – it’s important to me.   Comment below with the training frustrations you have.  Let’s find a solution for you.  I’m listening!

Remember:  “Together, We Can Raise a Happy and Obedient Dog”

Jim Burwell, is Houston’s most respected dog trainer for 25+ years, serving over 10,000 clients.  Jim takes the science of dog training and shows you how to make it work with your family and dog.  He gives you the ability to get the same great behavior from your dog.