If your dog is digging in the backyard, it can ruin your lawn and wear on your nerves. The problem may be as simple as boredom, now find out what may be the solution.

Your Question:


Do you have any tips for a dog that contunally digs? My family and I recently took in a rescue pup (Sheprador) recently and her only bad habit is digging. We’ve worked with using a leash and praising her when she doesn’t dig (when given the opportunity).

She is walked 2-3 times a day for at least 30 minutes per walk. We’re very hesitant to leave her inside (new house) all day as she is a bigger dog. Our small dog (mini Schnauzer) doesn’t seem to have the same issue.

I’ve thought about making her/them a doggy sandbox but, it seems a little hokey.

My Answer:

I’m happy to see you are walking her 2-3 times day for 30 minutes per walk. However, when a dog is left outside all day, just like an unsupervised child, they will get bored and find “something” to do to counteract the boredom and no one is outside to redirect that behavior.

Building a doggie sandbox truly is not hokey at all. If gives her an acceptable place to dig, but I would also encourage you to do some training INSIDE with your dog so she CAN stay inside while you are gone all day.

In addition, it is way too hot to leave a dog outside all day in the summer. You might want to consider joining a group class either with us or somewhere else where you do will learn to listen to you and perform basic commands. As I always say, set your dog up to suceed NOT fail. Good luck with your training!

I also recommend reading a previous blog post about digging in the backyard, it has some helpful tips for working with your dog.


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