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Dog training is important for your relationship with your dog for a number of reasons:

Dog training establishes a way to communicate with your dog using hand signals, body language and specific command words.

Dog training gives your dog a job to do. Our dogs are intelligent creatures and their minds must be stimulated with constructive things for them to do, which is why most dogs that don’t have any dog training tend to be destructive and have multiple dog behavior problems.

Unfortunately, when this happens, the dog is usually stuck out in the back yard and the behaviors get worse, or the ultimate bad choice – the dog gets sent to a shelter.  So we’re here to help you.


  • Puppy Training:  You should begin training your puppy from the day you bring it home.
  • Obedience Training” A few simple training commands can make all the difference between a dog that is a joy to live with and a dog that is out of control.
  • Behavior Modification Dogs need to understand how to live in our human world, it is your job to teach them, much like teaching children.
  • Group Classes for Basic Obedience A great place to improve your dog’s basic commands around high distractions like other dogs! Plus we have PLAYTIME!