Dog Terrified of Water Swims The Atlantic - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

Well, ok, it’s not EXACTLY the Atlantic Ocean 🙂  This is Sammy Burwell our black lab who really does NOT like water–no he HATES water.

We took him to Rummy’s Beach Club in Spring, TX to use their warm water swimming.  You see Sammy had surgery on his hips for dysplasia and excess bone growth in his elbows.  Long story short he now has terrible arthritis, especially in his elbows.

My point here is that Sammy really hates water, BUT because he’s been well trained and we’ve never been hard on or hurt Sammy he trusts us – implicitly.  Enjoy this fun video of Sammy getting wonderful non-pounding exercise for his arthritic elbows and hips.