Does Your Lifestyle Create Dog Problems?

Can Your Busy Lifestyle Accommodate a Dog and Dog Problems?

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I got a call the other day from a magazine reporter.

She wanted information on how people could fit a dog into their life and still continue to jam-pack their nights and weekends.

Engage in all their with social activities or go out with their friends, go on extended vacations, and more.

I sat there for 20-30 seconds (which seemed like an eternity) and she finally had to ask if I was still there.

I just said, “Honestly, I don’t think I’m your trainer on this one. Dogs are not a convenience – dogs are a commitment for life just like kids. Except kids move out. Dogs are with you for a lifetime. It could set you up for a lifetime of dog issues.”

Think about it. Put yourself in your dog’s shoes. What kind of life would that be?

Her question did get me to thinking about that kind of mindset.

We are an impatient society almost to a point of expecting everything before we even think we want it.

Maybe we want a dog to enjoy, to fill some void like companionship or love and affection but what’s the point if you’re not there?

Well, I know you’re thinking, “What IS the answer?

Can You Fit a Dog Into Your Already Busy Lifestyle and Avoid the Pitfalls of Dog Behavior Problems?”

The answer is: It depends.

Ask yourself this question: Can you satisfy all of your dog’s needs?

Meaning, to a point that keeps his frustration, stress and anxiety to a minimum?

Your dog has needs too.

He needs to be physically challenged and mentally challenged every day.

He needs to have a sense of purpose. What to do and when to do it, all directed by you.

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Can you do all of this?

  • Require a sit for everything: food, access to your lap and affections.
  • Love on your dog in moderation as too much free love causes him to miss you when you’re gone. Structure and expectations keep down stress.
  • Do regular daily obedience training.
  • Three, 2 minute daily training sessions keeps you in contact with your dog and gives him a consistent sense of working for you.
  • Keep him entertained.
  • Challenge him mentally.
  • Google search doggie food dispensing toys and puzzles to occupy some his time when you are home AND while you are away.
  • Exercise your dog daily.
  • He needs at least 2 good 30-45 minute walks a day. If your social life is commanding much of your time after work, then find the time to personally walk your dog in the morning. There is no substitute for one-on-one time with your dog. A dog walker can give your dog the much needed extra walk in the evenings and take care of feeding.
  • Take your dog on outings that you know he will enjoy. Be willing to alternate your social weekends to be with your dog. Take him to exciting destinations like the beach, the park, etc. The expectation of occasional trips with you is invaluable – especially if you come through.

If you can do all of this you will find your answer. Yes or no? Will it work for you?

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