To this day, I will never understand why people will wait until dog problems get to a point of frustration, panic or pain (emotion or physical) to seek help on understanding and fixing the problem.  Some people it seems, at least from my experience, stay in denial or put up with a myriad of dog issues that cause unnecessary stress in their lives.  Waiting longer to address problems, in many cases, means it takes longer to fix problems.  Unless an owner is 100% committed to the task at hand, the fix can be extremely frustrating.

Aggression In Your Dog

That’s why so many dogs and pups get sent back to the breeder, the shelter or the ultimate final alternative!

I counseled a client with a 4 month old male pup that was already growling and biting at the owner’s hand when the owner tried to remove him from the couch and he also snaps when touched on his backside.

Now since they have had dogs before, they are insisting he will not become aggressive.  Is it denial?

Guess we’ll see as the pup continues to mature.