3 Critical Tips to Insure Good Dog Play by Jim Burwell

How to Avoid a Dog Play Disaster with Your Dog


I know you don’t want your dog’s first experience in dog play to be a social flop.

He could get overwhelmed or he could develop bad play habits that might last a lifetime.

Playing with the wrong dogs first could wind up setting the stage for how “not to play” with all dogs.

That could be a disaster waiting to happen.

Whether your puppy or dog is timid and shy or very active and outgoing,

I’ve got some tips to help you and your dog ease into social play.

Don’t Let Socializing with Other Dogs Backfire on Your Dog

Tip #1:

Do an on leash meet and greet at first. Try to keep your leash slack.

Your dog may try to pull away from you to the other dog if he feels leash tension.

Make a couple of pass-bys before getting them together so they can get a sniff or sense of each other.

If your dog is very active and outgoing, It might be a good idea to let your dog drag his leash at first in case you need to get him under control quickly.

Tip #2:

When socializing your new puppy or dog, introduce and socialize him with a friendly, mature adult dog first to help him learn his social graces. Meaning no body-slams or humping.

Mature or older dogs are better teachers and are great at sending a strong message on what’s not acceptable without fighting.

A Well-Intended Social Get-Together Can Take a Nose Dive with Any Dog

Avoid putting your active puppy or dog with another high energy puppy or dog because it may teach him how to turn on play and burn energy but NOT turn off that high energy play when signaled by another dog.

Meaning: Your dog could:

Overwhelm a softer dog OR
His bad manners could create a conflict with another dog possibly resulting in a fight.

Where Do You Find That Perfect Teacher for Your Dog’s First Few Dog Play Dates?

Tip #3:

Try play dates with a friend’s dogs that are older and more mature and known friendly.

Playing with puppies is good also, just make sure temperament and size are well balanced.

If your dog is that “high energy dog” then it might be best to let him spend a little more time with the older more mature first.

A slower approach with friend dogs will help build your confidence and your dog’s confidence in socialized play before venturing out to a public or social place.

Make it fun with a great game of fetch. There’s no better way to have a successful play date than all the dogs competing in a fun game of

You can expand on socializing by changing the venue to a safe outside place and, if need be, put your puppy or dog on a long line.

Remember this: The older mature dog is your “safest first bet.”

If you have a puppy, another big benefit with a friend’s older or mature dog is that you can start on socialization well before your puppy has

reached the age of 4 months, since it takes place in your friend’s yard with a fully vaccinated dog.

Here’s a P.S. for you: Be patient and don’t assume your dog will like every dog he meets or that they will like him.

Now, start filling up your dog’s social calendar!

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