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Anytime He Went Near His Dog, She Submissively Pees When Touched


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What’s he do? He explodes with anger and grabs his dog to stop her excited peeing, and got peed on in the process!

The sound of his anger rattled the dishes! That’s what I walked in on.

I was shocked by how he handled the situation with Molly, his rescue dog. I took her to the back yard to finish peeing while he changed clothes.

I went to help this couple with Molly’s house soiling issue.
Once in their home I discovered this other issue, submissive/excited urination.

He had been so mad at Molly he just lost it.

Now this lesson had to answer this question for him: “I don’t get it!  My dog pees when I touch her?”

More important is, how do we fix the submissive urination problem?

Why Does His Dog Pee When Touched, Petted or Just Approached?

He did admit that it had been going on for some time, especially when their parents came over to visit.

They always greet with real excitement but for Molly, it was too much to handle.

“She pees every time anyone comes over and greets her by bending over to pet her.”

He was so frustrated, he began to resent having her around.

I told him that when she submissively urinates for no other reason than a person approaching, she’s not doing it on purpose.
She is just having an emotional response to the greeting with extreme feelings of submission.

Molly’s not misbehaving, she’s responding to excitement, apprehension or fear.
He needed to understand this so that he could deal with this problem without getting angry or upset.

To begin fixing the problem it was important to analyze what’s going on when this happens.

I suggested he ask himself, “Does it happen when…..”

  • Anyone faces Molly?
  • Anyone leans over Molly?
  • Anyone reaches to pick her up?
  • Anyone scolds or raises their voice?
  • When anyone gets excited?
  • We have homecomings and/or greetings?

Wow, did this hit home!

I told him not to expect an immediate cure. Why? It can take a few days to 6 weeks depending on how bad the problem is and how committed and good he was in being consistent following the program.

Submissive Urination:  The Solution Starts

  • Avoid all signs of threats at those identifiable times.
  • If Molly submissively urinates when you approach, don’t approach. Instead, squat down and turn sideways and let her approach you.
  • Do not hold your hand palm down nor put it over Molly’s head. Let her approach you then only scratch under the chin “if” she approaches. If she wets, do not pet for about 4 days.
  • Avoid direct eye contact.
  • Start a routine of set-ups. Approach and pet. Repeat three or more times a day for a week. Stop immediately if she pees and don’t approach for 4 more days.
  • If she wets when you speak to her, avoid speaking for about 4 days. Then repeat the above steps with no speaking.

Small Behavior Changes Go A Long Way

I suggested he begin doing obedience training with Molly.
This can begin to provide her with a rock solid foundation of confidence.

Just doing three, 2 minute sessions (that’s only 6 minutes) is all it takes. The key is to be consistent every day with your training of simple sits and downs.

A Program of Learn-to-Earn

Another part of the program required Molly to sit for everything: food, access to the couch, toys and affection.

I explained that this would begin to lessen her stress because she would now know what to do and when to do it.

Exercise is good for you and good for your dog.
The recommendation was walk Molly twice daily.
The benefits of good exercise in the form of a leash walk will help her.

Exercise is a stress buffer and when done this way, it improves the bond between him and Molly and promotes going potty outside.
I had him take food treats. This allowed him to reward eliminating outside. This blended with his house training program already in place.
He was eager to enjoy Molly again, especially without accidents in the house or the excited peeing.
His marching orders for this rehab: remain calm, have patience and be understanding. Molly will sense his new calm and different energy and will progress faster.

Together We Can Raise A Happy and Obedient Dog

You got your dog for a reason. You wanted to share your life with a happy and loving dog. But now, your dog has big problems and life is not happy.
I can help you get that happy, well behaved dog back no matter where you live. We’ll do private lesson in your home OR we can do private video lessons where geography is no longer a roadblock.