Dog Ignores You - Become Irresistible

Dog Ignores You - Make Yourself Irresistible
How many of you have a dog that flat out ignores you?

He gets into things and will not listen to you and worst of all, when it really matters he just ignores you.

Then you get frustrated and angry and your dog, well your dog’s behavior goes from bad to worse and it ends up being a vicious cycle.

One of the things I will remind you is that putting a lot of negative energy onto the fact your dog ignores you will not make that behavior go away. Where you focus your energy grows. So focusing your energy on the dog behavior you don’t want i.e. your dog ignores you will actually make that the behavior you get.

You have, more than likely, taken your dog to an obedience class and might have even done well in that class. But life has a way of taking over and we get busy and little by little we forget to have our dog do the simple commands he knows. When that happens you’ve stopped communicating with your dog in a way that he understands and can respond to. You are no longer speaking in a common language with your dog. That means that your dog, like kids, will make decision on his behavior on his own because there is no direction from you.

You now have a dog that ignores you.

Let’s take a step back and re-visit an obedience command that most dog owners pay little attention to and in fact place very little value on this obedience command. By doing this you will teach your dog to not only pay attention to you, but this will allow you to focus positive happy energy on your dog and his response to you.

Your dog’s behavior of ignoring you can be completely turned around and you can have a dog that can’t wait to do what you ask and be with you.

As Robert Palmer says in his song” She’s Simply Irresistible!”

So let’s start, shall we?  Watch your video below!

Let me know below what you think about this process. If you have questions – feel free to ask. I’m here to help you and other dog owners. They probably have the same questions you do so ask away!

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Remember, doing obedience training when you first get your dog is a good start but it doesn’t end there. Daily practice is required.

Together We Can Raise A Happy and Obedient Dog

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