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Dog Food Matters.   It is that simple and it’s that complicated.

Your Dog is What You Feed Him

In this dog training video I’m going to go over 3 main areas of your dog’s food that are critical. There are a lot of “awww gee” tug at the heart strings,  dog food commercials out there. Everyone looks happy, the dog is happy and so of course that’s the food that draws you in when you’re buying your dog’s food.

But let’s step back for just a minute and really investigate why dog food matters

I’ve added time stamps for you so you can pinpoint the exact times you will want to re-watch. I’ve also given you a link to a phenomenal unbiased resource to educate you on what’s in your dog’s food, what’s good and what’s not.

I also have given you a link to an article I wrote connecting the food to dog behavior.

Ready to learn why dog food matters?

0:25 Why dog food matters. What you feed your dog could be the source of some of your dog’s behavior problems.

0:44 Low quality dog food has a lot of cheap fillers in it. These low cost fillers can be: corn, brewer’s rice, wheat bran
Many of these low cost fillers in your dog’s food convert to simple sugar

1:10 Increased sugar in the food increases serotonin in your dog’s brain which is like a kid on a sugar high

1:45 Some behavior problems can be tied to low quality dog food.

2:05 Whenever I am fixing dog problems, one of the things I always look at is what  are they feeding their dog.

2:17 Let’s talk about what’s good and what’s not

2:23 Here are some things you do not want to see on the ingredient list on your bag of dog food

2:28 The first 5 ingredients on the ingredient label will tell you whether or not that food you are feeding is high quality or not

2:50 Let’s look at what the high quality proteins are.

3:54 Next let’s look at what carbohydrates are in the food. PS I didn’t mention sweet potatoes but they are a really good source for carbohydrates to your dog.

4:16 Let’s talk about grains in your dog’s diet and food.

4:45 Preservatives and what to look for and what is exceptionally bad for your dog

5:15 Raw  food and reconstituted foods

5:47 What added sweeteners are in the food- which just like kids will make you think “wow my dog really loves that food!”

6:29 Fat content is important—but there is a big difference in what fat content

7:30 Proteins are hot, cool and neutral. We talk about the difference

7:58 The problem some dogs have with hot protein in their diet

8:51 Do your own research and here is a fantastic source. Whole Dog Journal

10:00 Here’s an article on my website that will explain the connection between your dog’s food and dog behavior problems and a written article on food ingredients

I hope you found this useful.  Let me know what you think.

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