Dog Food: My Dog Eats What?


Dog Food: My Dog Eats What? by Jim Burwell

It’s amazing how some dog owners buy their dog food. If it looks good on the package, it will taste good to their dog.

Processed dog food that is poor quality and chock full of cheap carbs and sugar can plague unsuspecting dog owners with out of control dogs on a sugar high.

Diet can make a “turn-around” difference in your dog’s health and behavior.

Here’s what one client said:

“Thanks for checking up on Charlie. His new diet has been amazing. He absolutely loves SOJOS and it is completely agreeing with his digestive system. He licks his bowl clean after every feeding and wants more. He is no longer on Prilosec and we have not witnessed any vomiting.

I took him to the vet last week to weigh him and he as lost a bit over 3 pounds so we are headed in the right direction. I am sure the added weight played a role in his orthopedic issues Charlie seems to feel so much better and there is a pep to his stay. We are thrilled with the results and will keep up this diet regimen.”


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Jim Burwell, Houston dog trainer for 25+ years, serving over 9000 clients, has a profound understanding of dog behavior and the many things, we as humans, do that influence that behavior – good or bad. Jim has the ability to not only steer dogs and puppies down the right path but to also train the owners to understand their part in having a great dog.

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