Dog Chewing Problem 3 Easy Steps to Fix it

I know your dog chewing problem can be maddening.

3 steps to stop dog chewing

And quite frankly, it really “ticks you off, right?”

I’ve got 3 easy steps to fix your dog chewing problem. You’ll be relieved and your dog won’t miss all that chewing on your stuff at all. If you play your cards right!

Dog Chewing is Normal

Chewing is a normal doggie pastime. Dogs love of chewing is as comforting to them, as you curling up on the couch with a great spy novel or watching a good movie.
But when your dog’s chewing is directed at your stuff, it gets personal doesn’t it?
Here’s a clue. Don’t make the mistake of making a big fuss over your dog’s chewing the wrong thing. Instead, make a big fuss over your dog chewing the right thing.

 Before You Begin

Your dog has discovered your things are great to chew. And, if you reprimanded him before, his game plan is most likely : wait until you are gone to have at them.”

Before you do anything at all, you must do some research and find some “legal” and attractive chew toys that your dog likes. It should be a fine assortment of chew toys.

 Step 1 to Happy Dog Chewing

Once you’ve stocked up on a great supply of legal chew toys, get him hooked on them.

Step 2 to Happy Dog Chewing

Dog proof your home by keeping him from getting addicted to anything “illegal.” Confine him in a safe place when you’re gone and watch him like a hawk when you are home. This step is critical.

Step 3 to Happy Dog Chewing

Here’s the crux of the plan. After a few weeks of confinement when you’re gone and strict supervision when you’re home, give him full access to your home.
At this point in your process you know he hasn’t chewed anything illegal. Now you begin to interrupt any attempts to chew illegal things “before he chews.” Then redirect to a legal chew item. Do this by planning “sting operations” when it’s convenient for you.

They’re called set ups.
Timing is very critical. Set out very attractive illegal things and spy on him. Catch him in the act just before he grabs that shoe or starts in on the corner of the couch cushion and redirect to one of his “legal” chew toys and praise, praise, praise to taking the right one.
Doing this every single day for a few weeks will pay off big in the end.

Another Good Chew Toy Trick

Today’s domesticated dogs have turned out to be clock watchers. They know when their breakfast and dinner will be served up. This includes your dog as well, right? He knows.
What if you only put half of his dog food kibble in his bowl and the rest he has to get out of some kind of doggie food dispensing toy?
He’ll be hungry—right?
The rest of his meal is available. He just has to work a little harder for it. No one has made an ironclad rule about a dog getting all his food for one quick sit.
If your dog is working on getting his entire meal or at the least half of it out of a Buster Cube or a Bob-A-Lot ( toy, guess what he’s not doing?

That’s right. He’s not chewing on the illegal stuff.

Most dogs today are severely under-challenged in their everyday life. So get to stuffing Kong toys, or whatever because it’s a pretty good guess that you will never over-challenge your dog.

Together We Can Raise A Happy and Obedient Dog

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