Dog Behavior And Playing Rough With Your Dog - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette
When is too much rough play, too much

When is too much rough play, too much

There is much disagreement out there as to whether playing rough, or roughhousing with dogs is good or, not so good.  If you were to consider roughhousing with your dog, I would say that to ensure good dog behavior,  there should be some very definite rules to the game.

Let’s have a look at rules that make sense:

  • Dogs should never initiate the game – only humans do.
  • The game starts and stops on a command word(s).
  • Rough mouthing or not stopping on command causes the game to end immediately.
  • Keep a check on the pressure of any mouthing, as you immediately will end the game for any mouthing.

Other than your pleasure and your dog’s pleasure, are there any other benefits to playing rough with your dog?  Let’s take a look at some:

  • Roughly handling your dog during roughplay could desensitize your dog to being handled all over in situations such as a veterinary visit or if you need to grab them to keep them out of harm.
  • It is a good release of energy
  • It teaches your dog bite inhibition if done correctly, by saying “OUCH!” and ending the game immediately.

Ultimately, this is a personal choice that should include strict rule adherence so there is no misunderstanding in the dog’s mind as to what those rules are.

Jim Burwell