Dog Aggression Easy Fix

Dog Aggression An Easy Fix?

Dog Aggression is Growing at an Alarming Rate


Dog Aggression The Fix


You may even have experienced dog aggression with your own dog in some way.

Do these aggression issues strike home with you?

* Your dog becomes aggressive when you try to make him do anything he does not want to do
* Your dog becomes aggressive when you try to move him from a resting place.
* Your dog becomes aggressive when you try and take things from him
* Your dog becomes aggressive when you try and groom him
* Your dog becomes aggressive if you try and touch his collar

This list is just aggression associated with you.

There is also aggression to strangers, other dogs, guarding food with aggression and many more.

Dog Aggression: A Learned Behavior?

In his book “The Dog Vinci Code” and his seminar this weekend John Rogerson said:

“No breed of dog exists that has been bred exclusively to become aggressive towards the people that it lives with, so this has to be a behavior that has been learned in the environment in which he was raised from a puppy.”

Much of his lecture centered on the profound influence your dog’s environment and your relationship with him has on his behavior.

He discussed: the value of “quality time” spent with your dog.

Engaging him in games, obedience training, dog sports or consistent weekend hiking or trips to the beach.

All have the potential to change your bad dog into a good dog or better yet, prevent the bad behavior from ever developing in the first place. Yes, it can be as simple (and fun) as that.

Ask Yourself Two Questions About Your Dog

I challenge you, as John Rogerson challenged us, by asking yourself two questions:
1.  What is the highlight of your dog’s day?
2.  What is the highlight of your dog’s week?

Your answers can be quite revealing.

The average pet dog sleeps 17 hours a day. He’s waiting for you to come home to spend quality time engaging with him in fun ways teaching and training along the way.

Your engagement keeps him mentally and physically challenged.

At the same time constructively managing his energy and making him the great dog you wanted.

Aggression Between Older and Younger Dogs in a Family

John Rogerson related dog aggression problems occurring between an older and younger dog.

Strike a familiar cord with you?

His solution sounds simple.

To correct this aggression problem you must improve your relationship with the younger dog.
This teaches your dog that you are the most important member of the family.

It is useless to attempt to teach correct behavior to a dog that views you as incidental in its relationship with the other dog. For the next 5 weeks keep your dogs separated to avoid tense play-fighting or aggressive behavior.

Focus on your youngest. For the next 5 weeks spend “quality time” with your younger dog.

Engage in games, obedience training, dog sports or consistent weekend hiking or trips to the beach.

Caveat: Don’t ignore your older dog in the process!

Train your dog on: take it and drop it.

Interact daily with your younger dog in games like tug, or fetch to appropriately burn predatory energy.

Take him on daily walks every day at the same time each day to lower stress and burn energy.

Work on rapid-fire sit/down/sit/down for two minutes 3 times daily.

When you become the focus of his energy and games, you’ll find that he will want to spend time with you instead of pestering your older dog.

Commit to your dog.

Change your dog.

Are You on the Same Page with Other Family Members?

Do not let everyone in the house has different rules for your dog.

When this happens there is a greater chance that your dog will be in conflict or “confused” about what he is supposed to do.

He becomes stressed and makes up his own rules. This can show as some kind of dog behavior problem.

Who’s Got Your Back on Dog Behavior Problems?

Everyone in your family must agree on and enforce the same rules every day. You must back each other up without fail.

By the way, if you haven’t heard it by now, this is not rocket science.

It’s just requiring a sit for everything.

This prevents the confusion in your dog’s mind. Keeping his world black and white eliminates his stress and frustration.

Stay away from the gray. Be consistent.

Together We Can Raise A Happy and Obedient Dog

You got your dog for a reason. You wanted to share your life with a happy and loving dog. But now, your dog has big problems and life is not happy.

I can help you get that happy, well behaved dog back. We’ll work together at your speed and both you and your dog will have fun every step of the way.

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