Fighting between family dogs

Fighting between family dogs

Fighting between family dogs

Fighting between family dogs

Family dog aggression precipitated an email to me from a lady in California (she found me on the internet) who is desperate for help with her two dogs.  She has 2 dogs, a 4 yr. old doodle dog and a 7 yr old terrier – both rescue dogs.

This is one of the more interesting stories I’ve heard about dog aggression.  A couple of years ago she was preparing to take her two dogs for a walk.  She got them on their leashes, and headed out the door for a typical daily walk, not knowing disaster awaited.   A neighbor had left a bag of dog treats on the front porch.  The dogs were no sooner out the door when they both discovered the dog treats at the same time. Well, you guessed it.  A major dog fight ensued and, as she so aptly explained, it was a war zone right there on my front porch.

She immediately called a trainer and began extensive dog training that lasted for a year.  This was followed by calling in a dog behaviorist, but all to no avail.  She has them to the point now, where they tolerate each other, but things are still tense and very very stressful at home.

Suggestions had been made to “re-home” one of the dogs.  The husband refuses.  If you’ve had the dogs for as long as they have, I would be hard pressed to “find another home” for one of my dogs!  I would exhaust every single avenue to fix the problem.

So, what’s this dog aggression in California got to do with me, I’m sure you’re asking.  That’s where the email comes in.  She has set up  a consultation with me, as it turns out she will be in Houston next month visiting friends.

There are still many unanswered questions, such as “why is it the wife’s responsibility to deal with the dogs 24/7?  Hmmm, something’s up there.  No husband participation?  Fights amongst dog house mates usually always occur around one or both owners and generally between (not always), dogs of the same gender.

Could it be squabbles over pack status? Resources like food or owner affection?  More will be revealed when I receive the completed “canine questionaire”.

Stay tuned as this saga unfolds and we find more pieces completing the puzzle, once again restoring a peaceful and rewarding relationship between these two dogs and their owners.

“Be as concerned about the trainer of your dog, as you are the teacher of your children.”  And remember,

“Opportunity Barks!”

Jim Burwell,

 Jim Burwell’s Petiquette