client testimonials for Jim Burwell, Houston dog trainer

Review: Territorial Aggression

Hi, my name is Lori Latham and my dog is Maggie. I called Jim because Maggie was aggressive toward anyone that came over or anyone that would approach us, people or dogs, approach me or her when we were outside OR at home.

After I talked with Leila on the phone, as a first step, before I commited to do it, I already had a mind set change and I had a new understanding of the dog world.

That was what prompted me to go ahead and pay for the lessons and sign up.

After my first session with Jim I learned so many different things that Maggie, well, she became a different dog altogether.

But it was a combination, I think, of my mindset and my understanding of the dog world.  But also, Maggie’s understanding that I’m the leader of the pack and she’s the dog and she IS a whole different animal right now.  I am very excited!

Review: Training 2 Puppies

Hi, my name is Natalie Parish.

We called Jim for training in basic obedience for our two chocolate lab puppies.  We had them house trained already, but initially we needed work in the following areas:
sit/stay, down/stay, waiting for us to put their food down before they pounced on it, not bolting to the door when guests come, and
not jumping on people.

During the course of four sessions in our home, Jim helped us also with training them to come, walk on a leash and go to their place.

We saw immediate results.  Jim taught us easy, simple and gentle techniques to train our puppies.  After one training session, our dogs were responding to the down training command and also learned to sit/stay and wait for the okay to enter and exit as well as to wait for their food.

After completing the lessons with Jim, we felt confident in all the areas we learned, and understood how to be in control of our puppies.  Having Jim in our home was so valuable.  He could see the areas that needed attention and taught us techniques that were specific to our needs.

One of the most important lessons Jim taught us was that we needed to establish leadership with the puppies.  He also taught us to teach the puppies to earn everything from food to attention.  When we did that, they responded and were happy to receive treats and praise for doing a good job.

It has been so rewarding to see how much the puppies have learned and how much they are willing to do when trained the right way.


Review: Dog Aggression Over Objects

Hi, our names are Miguel and Ana Salinas.  Mateo was having behavioral issues to the point that he bit my mother in law. We have a new baby girl and we were worried that this aggressive behavior continuing.

In specific, we wanted to accomplish the following:
Teach Mateo to “Drop it!” and don’t bite when he has an inappropriate object. Then not to pick up anything that is not his.

  • Stop Mateo from running to the door and leave if we did not hold him.
  • Get Mateo to come back from playing in the backyard with command.

We noticed changes while Jim was visiting with us for the first time. Mateo responded to the commands in addition to food treats right away. We were able to control him and redirect his energy.

The main two things were how to stop him before he gets to the door and get him to drop things that are not his. Jim taught us a “technique” that was worth the whole cost of the training program. We are very happy and excited to keep practicing his lessons.

Review: Fearful dog behavior

My name is Karen Slack.

Belle, our Border Collie, is really afraid of people and new environments, causing her to bark and urinate on the floor. I called Jim as he had worked with my previous dogs. The minute he walked in the door – no barking or peeing. He worked her in our building around 40 employees and desensitized her to the ones she was afraid of and most importantly taught me how to work with Belle. One of the big reasons I called Jim to help with Belle was I knew he would give me a step by step system to put into place so I could keep moving forward.  I love that he had email support which I took full advantage of.  It made me feel like I could always reach out for help during our lessons.


Review: Puppy Potty Training

Hi, we’re Brittany and Andrew Pauley and Paisley.

With Jim’s puppy training we saw immediate results with sit, down and stay. One of our main priorities was potty training and she’s done excellent with that with Jim’s method. We can now go to work all day with no accidents in her crate!

Review: Housetraining a Puppy

We called Jim for direction in all aspects of training for our first puppy ever and were able to get Louie on Jim’s house training schedule in just two short weeks with no potty accidents.

Jim also showed us how to train Louie to do sit, down and walk on a leash which we had struggled with. Now Louie is the greatest puppy ever!