client testimonials for Jim Burwell, Houston dog trainer

Review: Dog Bites

Dog Bites

Dog bites are a dog behavior that should never be ignored

I’m Judith Haughton my dog’s name is Sailor.    I called Jim Burwell because I was giving up on Sailor because he was biting me and he was peeing in the house.  On the other hand he was affectionate and loving with children.  I called Jim and Jim told me I was not giving Sailor the structured environment he needed.

He told me I needed to work on Sailor’s obedience skills, taking him on structured walks so Sailor learned that when I asked him for something, he gave it to me which taught Sailor who the leader is.  He also taught me how to teach Sailor “off ” when I wanted him to stop a behavior.

We worked over the course of 3 weeks and Sailor is a much better dog.  He has stopped biting me, he listens to my commands.  He also gets along well with my cat which was a big problem.

Jim’s program has given me a lot more hope that Sailor is going to fit very well into our family and be a great dog.

Review: walking the dog

walking the dogMy name is Wayne Phillips and  me and my family have a black lab named Onxy. 

We contacted Jim Burwell to get help with walking our dog  and responding to some simple commands like sit and down.

And after 3 weeks we’ve made a lot of progress.  Now, even my wife can go out and walk the dog comfortably, where before she couldn’t do it.
And we can get her to sit and down and stay pretty well.  We’re real happy with the way things have worked out for us.

Review: Aggressive Dog

Aggressive dog trainingHi, I’m Meg Malone and my dogs are Shadow and Blue.  I called Jim Burwell because I was having problems with my dog Shadow, he was showing aggression.

Shadow nipped at the little 2 yr old next door and also showed aggression towards a teenage boy down the street.  So I called Jim to help me out with my dog’s behavior. She also had some bad fence aggression, barking a lot and digging in the yard.

Jim  came and we started implementing the strategies that he advised which included lots of structure for my dog, walking my dog and other strategies. All were easy to implement.

 Even in working just the first week I saw improvement in my dog.  Her attitidue, and bad behaviors were changing. This change will take continued work on my part. They are doing great – so much better that I know this works when I work the plan.

I am extremely pleased and my dogs are doing great!  I highly recommend Jim Burwell’s training program

Review: Separation Anxiety in Dogs

separation anxiety in dogs

Separation anxiety takes work, but the training works

We were at our wit’s end with our Brandy when we found Jim.  I just googled “best dog trainer in Houston” and there he was!  Brandy is our older rescue Boxer girl who suffered from severe separation anxiety.  The fear in her eyes when we left her even for a minute was heart-breaking, plus she had unacceptable behaviors that we simply could not abide when she was left alone, even when left in her kennel.
When Jim had his first visit with us, he was totally prepared with written information for us to read and exercises for us to do with Brandy every day.   He was so kind to Brandy (and us), and she took to him immediately.  We were so afraid that whatever had caused Brandy’s anxiety was so ingrained that she might not ever lose the fear that enveloped her whenever she was left alone.  But  Jim was always positive with us and assured us that this problem could be overcome.  

Jim was very up-front about the need for us to follow his protocol and do our daily homework with Brandy.  Plus, he was available to us between visits if we had questions and problems which made us feel so much more comfortable with the process.
Our final meeting with Jim was today, and we could not be more pleased with the results.   Everything in Jim’s plan worked just like he said it would  and Brandy is a completely different dog than she was just a few short weeks ago. 

It’s just an amazing and wonderful situation for us all.   Jim is simply the best at what he does, and I recommend Jim Burwell’s Petiquette to anyone who has dog training needs.

leash aggression training

Review: Leash Aggression

leash aggression trainingMy name is Beth and  my dogs are Hugo and Annie.   I worked with Jim because they were unfit to live in an apt near other dogs.  They were reactive to other dogs and people when on leash.  With a lot of diligent work on my part from the homework and exercises he gave me and great support from Jim in between, I saw incredible improvement where they are well mannered, on leash, around other dogs and people.

I took Jim’s suggestions and, using the training techniques he taught me,  I was able to walk   my dogs at places where they used to react such as Memorial Park.

This last trip to Memorial  Park went well.   I worked with Hugo first.  He did very, very well.   Easy, easy to redirect.  Not too many dogs to challenge us.  He had little interest in the goings ons along the trail.  Now, the leash floats like air between us.  I had tried other trainers but not until I found Jim was I able to put the pieces of the puzzle together – with his help.  It was really not hard, it’s just no one had ever laid it out in such a simple, straight forward method that makes so much sense.

I would recommend Jim’s methods to anybody to wants to have a better relationship with their dog and invest in a lifelong friend.

Review: Puppy Training and Obedience

Puppy training and obedienceI’m Lori Buschman and  this is Rocco.  He’s a 6 month old Argentine Dogo.  We got him when he was 10 weeks old and decided to invest in some puppy lessons for him as he will be about 110 pounds when he is grown.

We wanted to be sure we would be able to control him and that he would be a well mannered guy.  Jim’s done an incredible job of working with Rocco AND with us.  The training is not just for the dogs it’s for the people also.  He’s very well mannered and we hope to continue with Jim and more training in the future.

Review: aggressive dog


We’re Beth and Ted Harper and we have  2 yr old doxen named Gumbeaux.  We were having problems with his aggression and barking when people came to the house.  We were unable to take him on walks because he wouldn’t walk and he was viciously aggressive when we encountered other people on the walk.

Through Jim’s help we have been able to drastically improve these things.  We can now have people come into our home, we can now take him on walks and we’ve learned a lot of tricks to help us for training dogs.  And we will call Jim again if we should have any other problems.

Review: Rowdy 9 Month Old Dog Learns Manners

Hi.  We are Christy and Matt Farr and we have a 9 month old Doberman named Lee.

We called Jim because Lee was not behaving well towards me and he wasn’t respecting me,  I guessing because I’m the female and the smaller of the two of us.  We wanted him to act better around our visitors and we wanted him to walk better and overall be a better dog.

We used another dog training company before and we didn’t really get too much out of this company but in just one lesson with Jim, we saw a totally different dog.

He was more calm during day, stayed off furniture, respected us a lot more.

Second lesson we worked on walking, Lee was acting a lot better towards not noticing distractions.  He’s just become a much better dog and we have Jim to thank for it

Review: New Puppy Training

 My name is Jeri Wolff and I have a Bischon puppy.  I had a Bischon for about 12 years and he passed away recently so we got a a new Bischon puppy.

I called Jim because everyone I spoke to, including my vet,  said he was the best person to call for training.
I was very desperate because I was not used to having a puppy and our new puppy Budge, was quite a handful.
I called, as I said I was very desperate.

They got me in, Jim trained me, and he just worked wonders with Budge.  Jim was so calm with him and Budge responded to him and I didn’t hink Budge would respond to anybody.  He taught him how to sit, how to come,
how to stay down and he helped me with the biting issues and the nipping issues.  Budge is doing much much
better and I highly recommend Petiquette.

Review: House Soiling In An Older Dog

Hi, I’m Chris Fraser.  I’ve got a rat terier, Parker who is about 5 years old.

Called Jim a few weeks ago because of some issues –  Parker was having accidents in the house,  and generally kind of an insecure dog over all.  Called Jim over and in our first sesiion got several concrete things that we could implement in Parker’s daily life.

Been following the  program, instituted some tricks and other structure in his life and have seen some tremendous differences in behavior.

And we are about 90% of the way there on managing accidents in his house and looking forward to next couple of weeks getting 100% there and just having a much more secure obedienct life  with our dog.

Definitely want to thank Jim for all of that.