client testimonials for Jim Burwell, Houston dog trainer

Review: house breaking and puppy biting

I’m  Cathy Fonfara and my dog is Stella Dora.

We called Jim after my vet recommended Jim Burwell  to puppy train and train me to potty train Stella

So I called up Jim, he came to the house and showed me how to train Stella and I used his techniques

After 3 lessons and she’s acting like a normal dog

She’s not biting me like she used to.           She’s not pottying in the house like she used to.           I appreciated it and I will recommend Jim.

Review: dog walking nightmare

I’m Cheryl Yetz and we have 2 rescue Golden Retrievers and we called Jim to help us handle the dogs on walks.

Our younger dog was very excited by prey and birds and rabbits and now we are able to handle our dogs and have comfortable and safe walks with them.

We accomplished this within 3 lessons with Jim  In addition we helped Trudy overcome her fear of going in and out of doors and listening to us and sitting and staying down when we needed her to.

Review: My hero- Jim Burwell

We called Jim Burwell for several reasons. One is that, having owned several beloved dogs who had been assets to our family (even members of our family), I had never properly trained a dog. The dog was always the leader in our household. In fact–although it’s embarrassing for  me to admit–when we’d have company for dinner, we’d have to board our dog to keep our dog from demanding attention and ruining our guests’ evening. I vowed if I got another dog, I’d be a more responsible dog owner in ensuring I had a well-behaved pet who could remain well-behaved no matter who came to visit.

A few days after we recently adopted our 6 month old hound mix who we thought was so mellow and calm, Mimosa began showing signs of who she really is: a puppy. She started jumping; she barked and growled at any visitor at our front door, and began using our living room and bedroom as a lawn. I initially consulted a trainer whose name I got from our vet. But after one session, I realized his method was one I wasn’t comfortable with. He told me my voice wasn’t mean enough and he insisted on a choke collar all day long, telling me my dog was going to be a nut case soon if I couldn’t get her under control. This only served to make Mimosa, my family, and me nervous, and it didn’t help remedy any issue. After one intense and exasperating session in which we all felt like failures, I recalled another trainer who had been recommended to me some years previously.

Enter Jim Burwell, who is now my dog-training hero. In three sessions, Mimosa has completely stopped having accidents in the house, her barking and jumping has improved significantly, and she has mastered basic commands such as “sit,” “stay,” “come,” and “lie down.”  She seems to love responding to commands and succeeding, very eager to please. Rather than labeling Mimosa as a nut case, Jim helped us positively reinforce Mimosa with treats and/or praise on accomplishment; results were almost instantaneous. Because Jim’s method is so easy to use and produces quick results with repetition, it is fun to “work the program” with Mimosa several times a day. I can’t wait to continue Mimosa’s “education” and socialization with Jim’s puppy classes soon.

There are people who are so good at, and passionate about, what they do, that in their presence, one can’t help thinking that they have found their true calling and are doing exactly what they should be doing on this earth. Jim is one of these rare people. His quiet and understated manner, his effective technique for training dogs (and their families) is something which I feel fortunate to have witnessed and in which to have been an active participant.

Jane Wagner

Review: Separation Anxiety/Aggression

separation anxiety in dogsHello, our names are Kevin and Lucinda.  The dogs are Toby, Maggie and Roxy.

This is just to say that we have had very good progress with our animals after speaking with Jim Burwell and having 3 lessons with him

We have issues with aggression displacement as well as anxiety issues and barking at the door when somebody comes over.

The progress we have made has been substantial to a point obviously there is additional work to be done which is always our part but the progress that we’ve made so far is a good mark and that something that we can work forward with.

Just like to say that we appreciate it.  Thank you.

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Review: Rowdy Puppy

Dog Training HoustonThis is Rishi Varma and our dog is Fenway who is an 11.5 month old Labradoodle.   We called Jim because
we were having some issues with Fenway responding to us when we called him, or jumping on people when they
came into our house, or Fenway trying to get up on the table or get up on furniture when he wasn’t allowed to.

Jim’s method after 3 lessons was incredibly useful for us. First and foremost, inclusion of our children in the
lessons allowed them to understand the stimulus response method he talks about and why it’s important
for them to understand the role that Fenway plays in the family and how they are actually on top of him
in terms of the hierarchy.

It was beneficial for them, it was beneficial for us.  We’ve learned to set up a rope where he stays
behind it when people come to the door, we have learned to have him not to jump on children or
get too excited when people come into the house.  We’re hopeful that we will continue these lessons as we move forward.

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Review: Aggressive Dog

Hi this is Nick White we have an 18 month old Doberman named Jax.

He was territorial, showed aggression and snapped at strangers when he saw them.

We called Jim and after about 2 or 3 lessons we saw a huge change in him.

He’s now able to meet strangers without showing any signs of aggression

We had issues with him in the kitchen when we were cooking, and he is now trained to stay out of the kitchen.

He also used to bark at the front door when the doorbell rang and he no longer does that as well.  He goes into the sit position right when the doorbell rings  and we are able to open the door without him rushing up

Jim’s methods have helped up tremendously.  I’m really glad that we called him and I’m glad that Jax is able to act like a dog and be relaxed and stress free.

Review: Dog Aggression

dog aggression I’m Richard Hipp.  My wife and I called Jim because we were experiencing some very aggressive behavior  with our dog DC.

DC was getting very territorial, very aggressive and growling when we would  come into his space.

We also had to break up fights between DC and our other  dog.

Once we got DC on Jim’s program and worked the program, we have not seen any aggressive behavior from DC and we are continuing doing work with him.

DC is turning into the dog we can really enjoy rather than one that kept in fear of when we went into the room where he is.

It’s been a great success and we will continue working with our dog so he will stay the kind of dog we want.

Review: Puppy Training

Hi I’m Debbie and I got a new puppy Kona and I knew we were going to need some help so I called Jim to give us some puppy lessons.

We started with the basics, housebreaking, and other pointers.  Things went really really well and I learned some other of his techniques – setting boundaries, learning some obedience.

We’ve really had fantastic results in just a couple of weeks.  I also learned that my older dog Wrigley who is 7 years old BUT he wasn’t fully trained either so we needed to teach him the same kind of lessons and he did very well.

We learned some great things that I had never heard or seen anywhere else.  It was terrific having hands on lessons and I highly recommend Jim

Review: Puppy Biting

My name is Julie and we are the Parsons family.  We have a 9 month old miniature schnauzer named Carli.  We’ve had Carli since she was about 4    months old.  While she is very cute, her typical puppy behavior soon became quite annoying and in some instances painful.  Since we have 2 young daughters we knew we had to get the biting, jumping, and wild puppy behavior under control.  Besides that, we wanted to have a dog we could all enjoy as a family.

We started working with Jim when Carli was 8 months old and we’re happy to say we’re well on our way to a well-behaved and enjoyable Carli.  Working with Jim it soon became apparent that we, as the owners, were the ones who really needed the training, even more so than Carli.  Jim helped us see how critical it is to establish our role as leaders and through his techniques helped me in particular develop confidence in myself to take that leadership role.  In just one lesson Jim was able to help us solve some problems such as running out the front door when someone arrives or going upstairs into the girls’ rooms to get their toys to chew on.

Jim helped us realize that part of being a leader is establishing boundaries, actual physical boundaries defining where Carli is and is not allowed, as well as boundaries for acceptable behavior.  His techniques and what I call his “bag of tricks” are effective, safe, positive, fun and easy to implement.  Even our 3 year old can get Carli to sit and wait before receiving a treat or her food.  It’s so much fun to see Carli want to do things to please us.  Thank you, Jim, for training us so we can train Carli.

Review: Dog Barking

This is Rene Lewis, I have a 3 year old Havanese named Fufi.  We called Jim because FuFi was barking at EVERYTHING in our house.

From the telephone, to the doorbell, to every person that came to the door  and every squirrel  in the yard, every bird.

After 24 hours with one lesson Fufi had stopped 75% of his barking.

After 3 weeks it’s the quietest household on the block and we are so proud of our FOOF!  He is such a good boy now.

 We thank you Jim for all your hardwork and knowledge!