client testimonials for Jim Burwell, Houston dog trainer

Video Review: Weimeraner puppy training

Hi my name is Mark Harris and I got Kramer and I called Jim 3 weeks ago, Kramer is now 13 weeks old

In the 3 weeks I’ve been working with Jim Kramer has learned to sit, lay down, he has learned to go to his place, he walks outside great

AND my wife’s happy so I am very fortunate to have met Jim and worked with him.




Video Review: Potty training a junk yard puppy

puppy potty training


Hi my name is Tracy, this is Curly.   Curly was wandering in my scrap yard in the middle of the heat with all kinds of fleas so we took her to the vet and got her all cleaned up and she’s on the mend.

And I called Jim Burwell for some help in potty training.  Jim came over and gave me some lessons, specifically on what to do and not to do.  Lo and behold Curly is now potty trained, Curly will respond to commands and Curly and i are both very happy.

I enjoyed the lessons, I was able to use the lessons and I would suggest if you have a dog old or new that needs some help call Jim and he will help you out.

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Review: Fearful Dog

My story starts in November 2010 with the search for a dog.  What type of dog and do we want a puppy or a rescue.  We decided on a rescue Miniature Australian Shepherd.

She was shy and barked for a long time and then she warmed up just a bit.  The foster mom said she was not ready for adoption yet.  To make a long story short, I just thought about her all the time and in April we saw her again and brought her home to Houston to see how she would fit into our lives.

She is a sweetie and well mannered.  She is a fun dog BUT, walking was almost impossible. – she is fearful of strangers and especially other dogs.

We had a high energy dog before – a Jack Russell Terrier and I thought for sure that we could handle her – wrong!

In walked Jim Burwell into our lives.  He helped me get on the right track with her training and was very supportive during the first month that we had Chelsea.

It was like bringing a new baby home – NOW what do I do?

He gave me all the essentials handling skills and knowledge to get her started on the right track to being a less fearful, aggressive dog.  The weekly homework helped both Chelsea ME  make huge improvements with Chelsea AND me!  The homework was very doable and clear.  Jim’s email support was invaluable.  He simply had me take step by step till until both Chelsea and I lost our fear and could go on walks!   YES!

With his help we have made big steps in that direction.  We can now walk Chelsea.  He is very kind, and knowledgeable about dog behavior.  He is so tuned into dogs and good and patient in helping us learn how to help Chloe

Rescue or puppy he IS a great asset to have on your side when raising a dog.

Video Review: Puppy Training a Pomeranian

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Mr. Burwell was really nice and he helped train her and now she’s a much better doggie. I really love to train my puppy and now that Mr. Burwell has taught me how to train Phoebe in a fun way, I work with her all the time


Video Review: counter surfing

my dog counter surfs

See my video below

Hi my name is Leah and my dog is Sophie. Sophie is an 18 month old Catahoula rescue. We had her for a couple of weeks and I discovered that my sweet little girl is a sweet little wild child.

We worked with Jim Burwell before on 3 other dogs and he was my first call He is actually why we actually still have her.

She would chase cars, she would counter surf, went berserk with the vacuum cleaner, the mixer and the food processor

So in working with Jim I can vacuum my house, sweep my floors without going berserk, she will curb when we walk so she’s not chasing cars and she gets to stay with us another day, I tell her that every day she gets to stay. So thank you Jim Burwell


Video Review: my puppy jumps on people

puppy jumping

See our video below!  

Hi my name is Khoa and I’m Jasmine.  We have a 3 month old Husky named Sophie  and the reason why we called  Jim is :

we were having a hard time having a 3 month old puppy in the house here.

We were actually having some problems with her nibbling on people,

potty training issues, peeing and pooping in the house, whatever she wanted to do,

jumping on the house guests whenever they rang the door bell, she’d run up to the front door jumping on them and nipping them at the same time.

At the same time we tried to set up a temporary gate, and she still jumped over the gate, a 6 foot table but that didn’t really work but we wanted to restrict where she went in the house

We don’t want her in the bedroom but nonetheless if we’re not watching her she gets on the bed and into the laundry and we didn’t like that either

We called Jim to help us solve some of these issues but ever since then over the last 3 weeks she’s:

  • laying down,
  • she listens to our commands,
  • we’re still working on recall
  • we’ve learned to set temporary and permanent boundaries so she doesn’t go jump on guests and we set up a temporary boundary at the bedroom and she doesn’t cross it.It’s a lot of work but she is way more better behaved than when we got her.  Jasmine can stand her more now 🙂  She’s learning.  We definitely have the tools now to work with our pup.


Video Review: housebreaking a puppy

puppy training, puppy housetraining Check out the video below!

My name is Laura.  I got Mokey from the Humane Society as a shelter rescue puppy.

When I brought her home we were having some problems with things like house training my puppy.  She didn’t know anything like sit, stay any of that stuff and I’m not always the most patient person in the world.

So I wanted to make sure that I could learn how to do this the right way and quickly so I called Jim and had him come help me.

Within the first lesson Mokey was sitting, laying down, she learned how to go to her place, she stays at her place now, which is really nice.

And he’s helped me with the puppy house training.  We haven’t had a single house training accident since he started working with her and that’s been 3 weeks

I also have an older cat and she’s one of those dogs that really likes to go get the contents of the cat box.  Jim’s been helping me with that and we’ve made a lot of progress in keeping her out of the cat box.

Overall learning some better manners than what she had before.  Jim’s a big help and I would recommend him to help anybody out with their pet.


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Review: bossy lab learns manners

dog training a bossy labJim helped me with Winston, my 13 month old lab with sleeping through the night out of his kennel. Winston would wake up every night around 2:00 AM.

All it took was Jim telling me to ignore Winston giving the order to wake up. Now we both sleep happily through the night!

Winston also tried to go up and down the stairs with you. He now knows to wait for me to call him and this makes the stairs a lot safer.

Jim also helped us be able to walk through the neighborhood and Winston will watch what I want him to do.

This was such a great experience!  Thanks, Brooke

Video Review: Aggression

Food Bowl Aggression Kitty’s little English Springer Spaniel would bite people when they came over.  Listen to how she worked her pup and got amazing results.

Review: puppy housebreaking and puppy nipping

puppy biting and nipping Hi, I’m Jill and this is Bella.  We called Jim because Bella was having problems being housebroken and within the first week with working with Jim, Bella     learned how to use the restroom outside very nicely.

And we also worked on having her eliminate the nipping and we’ve done a really good job with that with Jim’s training.


Jill Kaminsky