Dog Obedience Group Training

Our primary purpose is to serve our clients.

Clients want Jim’s help in their home with their  dogs, especially with dog behavior problems.

Due to this high demand for Jim’s talents in private behavior lessons we are now

devoting group class nights to private lessons.


 To participate in our group classes your dog must be 4 months of age and be fully vaccinated including rabies Our classes are 5 weeks in length.   Pre-registration is required. The total of 5.0 hours of training is $195.007:00pm-8:00pm on Wednesday nights.  We keep the class to 8 – 9 dogsThis keeps the class small and more personalized.  And the best part,  Jim Burwell is the instructor. What more could you ask for????


Be sure to watch the videos below!

What exactly do you learn in group class?


Help your dog to have better self control. Dogs will be dogs, but you can easily teach your dog a behavior you would prefer instead of:

Jumping on people and you

Pulling your arm off when walking

Being mouthy or pushy

Not coming to you when you call him

Not settling by your side

Not running out the door

Listening to you when stuff is going on instead of ignoring you

Learn to partner with your dog, instead of just owning your dog. Teach him, have fun with him!

You learn too —-so your dog’s not smarter than you




Together We Can Raise a Happy and Obedient Dog!



Most times, depending on the mix of dogs, we have playtime.