Replays of live interactive dog behavior shows.

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Dog Behavior Questions Answered

Dog Behavior Questions are answered.  Live 7-8-16 Come ask your question about your dog’s behavior that is driving you nuts.  Doesn’t matter if it’s about puppy behavior or adult dog behavior.  Anything from dog’s fighting to adult dogs that still pee in the house.  

Dog Day Camp – Right For Your Dog?

Dog Day Camp can be a wonderful place for your dog.  It gives them the opportunity to burn off energy, mingle with other dogs and just have fun.  But – not all dog day camps are a Good Fit for your dog.  Join us live 5-27-16 to learn what to look for in a dog day camp that is best for your dog.  What services should you look for, how can you make sure it’s clean and safe for your dog?  What about the staff – are they trained to keep your dog safe?  All this and more

Messed Up Dog – Stop 3 Things

If you’ve got a messed up dog, join us live on 5-13-16 to find out at least 3 things you should stop doing.  Dogs are really pretty easy to teach how to live with you.  But sometimes we treat them more like children than we should.  Dogs need a few very basic ground rules so they don’t end up becoming a messed up dog.  You can turn your dog around by simply understanding how 3 things you are doing are giving you a messed up dog.

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Positive Training Ain’t Treats

We’re talking about positive training – what it IS and what it isn’t.  It has nothing to do with bribing your dog.  Doing that means you’re working for your dog.  Join us and learn what positive dog training is really about – teaching your dog to give you the behaviors you ask for, because he wants to.

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Why Does My Dog Do That – Open Q&A

Join us live 4-16-16 7:00 pm CST.  Why does my dog do that stuff? Open Q&A live webinar on the dog behaviors that drive you nuts. It may be something as small as raiding the trash in the bathroom. Maybe it’s fence fighting with neighbor dogs. Maybe it’s constant barking at the window. Come ask your questions LIVE>

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Why Your Family Dogs Fight

Join us LIVE 4-1-16 7:00pm CST right here.  These dog fights look and sound like they want to kill each other.  But why, when they get along most times?  There are reasons why your family dogs get into fights and you need to understand those reasons.  This is not a dog behavior you can ignore.  These dog fights can lead to  injury to your dogs and maybe even you.  

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Stop Your Dog’s Destructive Chewing

We are live 3-18-16 to help you solve your dog’s destructive chewing issue.   Instead of becoming angry at your dog, take a step back and come join us to learn what can be the root cause of this destructive chewing behavior.  

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Your dog guards you – why?

Join us live 3-4-16 7:00 pm CST . Understand not only why your dog guards you, but what you need to change to change his behavior.  It’s sometimes difficult for us to see our dogs get nasty and mean when we know how sweet they are.   Let’s turn your dog guards you back into a friendly, loving family dog.

Turmoil in a Multi-Dog Home

2-19-16  Join us Live! Turn your multi-dog home chaos to calm.  We  teach you easy, calm ways to get control back in your multiple dog home. .  The more negative energy your have in your multi-dog home the more chaos will reign.  More than 1 dog always brings unique challenges, but they can be solved.  

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Bad Dog Manners – 4 Tactics

Join us LIVE on our webinar show 2-5-16. End your frustration with your dog’s lousy manners.   You got your dog to enjoy his company, especially with your friends and family.  But his being out of control make that almost impossible.  Go from bad manners to great manners that you want.   These 4 tactics are easy, they are repeatable and your dog will understand what you’re trying to teach him