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Dog Training Failure?

Come join us live 1-22-16.  7:00 PM CST. If you’re a dog training failure, don’t beat yourself up.  I’ll explain why so many dog training failures happen and what you can do to reverse that bad dog training.  Everyone wants a well trained dog and your dog deserves to be well trained so he can be happy living with you.  We’ll go over tips and techniques and answer your questions live.

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When To Start Puppy Training

Live, Jan. 8, 2016  7:00 pm CST When you start puppy training has a huge impact on how your puppy will behave.  Some folks think they need to wait till 6 months of age, but that’s way too late. Look, puppies don’t know how to live in our homes and with us.  They do know how to live with their litter mates.  Problem is, that won’t work with you and your family.  So when should you start  puppy training?  What can you expect them to learn?  Join us as I teach you not only when to start puppy training but also just how much you can teach your puppy.

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Does Your Dog Bug You? Q&A

Join us live 12-4-15.  Your dog bugs you.   I get it.  But, instead of spending time focusing on the end result, discover the benefit of being in the process – learning is in the doing – not necessarily in the outcome. On this live Q&A we’ll talk about your dog issues that you just can’t seem to solve.  Those things your dog does that just bug you to no end.  Come join us, ask your questions and get some type of “take away” that will help you with your dog’s behavior.  It’s never to late or too early to begin dog training.  Just like kids the more you teach and encourage the better behavior you’ll  have.  See you on 12-4-15 on our website

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Live Q&A on Your Dog Problems

11-20-15  Join us live and ask your questions.  If you understand how dogs think and how they look at our world, solving dog behavior issues becomes much easier.  Encourage the right behavior and it’s what you will eventually end up with. Not responding to the wrong behavior makes the right behavior happen.  Doesn’t sound a whole lot different than teaching your children does it?  It’s not AND trust me, it’s easier.  Dog behavior problems arise from stressed dogs who lack structure and guidance.  Don’t expect him to “get it” if you don’t help teach him what you want.

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Why Does My Dog Do That ?

Join us on Friday,  11-6-15 LIVE!  

Want to know why does my dog do that?  Once you acknowledge that your dog problems actually began with you, you are able to turn things around for both of you. Listen to your dog. He will tell you what is wrong.  Your dog behavior problem is generally stressed related as far as your dog is concerned.  Dogs do well with structure and routine and knowing what is expected of them.  Many of us just bring our dog into our home and that’s it.  Just like children, dogs need to be taught in a positive manner what the behavior is you want from them.  Quit wondering “why does my dog do that” and get your answers.  You know you have questions about Why Does My Dog Do That?  It’s a fast paced show and questions are answered first come first serve.  So go now and put your questions in the comment area.

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Episode #5 Dog Training Questions Answered Fri 10/23

What bugs your about your dog’s behavior. Feel like you’re all thumbs with your dog training? Come talk with Houston’s Expert Dog  Behavior Trainer Jim Burwell. 30 years of working with dog owners and their dogs to solve dog behavior problems and helping folks have a well mannered dog.  We’re talking about everything from toy destruction, being too protective over people, places and things, play biting that is too harsh, a dog who is afraid of everything.  These are all dog behaviors that many dogs owners deal with at one time or another.  Sometimes we forget that our dogs don’t really know how to live with us.  They DO know how to be a dog.  At times those two things don’t mesh very well and our dogs start acting out, or they become anxious or so unbalanced they can become neurotic.  

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Barking for Attention – The Fix

Barking for Attention – The Fix

Tired of your dog barking for attention?

What if I said you could fix your dog’s attention barking by doing almost nothing at all?

If that’s the case, then watch the following clip on Barking for Attention that was taken from our Friday night’s DogBehavior.TV show that streamed live from our website.

Our viewers learned the secret you’re about to see as well, plus they learned a great tip on how to stop their dog’s barking at the doorbell.

So, enjoy this short video clip, learn and apply the technique at home with your dog.

I also want to invite you to visit our  DOGBEHAVIOR.TV and learn more about our show that is live every other Friday on our website. Join us, have fun, ask questions and learn how to have a better mannered dog!

Enjoy this short video and learn the secret to fixing barking for attention now!



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Episode #4 Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety 10/2

Episode #4 Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety Fri. 10/2

Here I’ll give you 3 tips to do that will help your dog begin the recovery process on his separation anxiety. Making these changes will allow you to enjoy the stress-free life you once had with your dog. He will eventually be able to relax again when you leave.  We had great questions asked by our audience.  Some were surprised how simple some changes could be to begin to help your dog’s anxiety.  Learn what you must do to help your dog be comfortable in his world with you

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Help For Fearful Aggressive Dog 9/25

Episode # 3 How to Help Your Fearful Aggressive Dog Fri.  9-25

Tired of trying to take your dog for a walk with that huge knot of fear in your stomach? Waiting and wondering when NOT IF he will become aggressive to someone or another dog? The worst: he finally pulls loose or runs out the door and bites someone or another dog.  What happens to your dog then? In this show you’ll learn the causes of fear in dogs, why it turns into aggression and One Great Technique that you can immediately put into practice to begin the process of transforming your dog back into a more confident dog that is easily managed.

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Why is my dog barking at the front door? Fri 9/11

E;pisode # 2 Can’t understand why your dog is continuously barking at your front door? Or maybe, at times, he is barking for no reason at all? Join us for this special episode where we not only show you how to end the barking but also answer your questions – live.  Time Stamp of Questions asked:

How do I work on multiple dogs who charge the door.  I need help with my dog barking!   My dog barking goes on inside at the neighbor’s dogs barking outside and when the leave the house.   When my older dog barks, that sets the puppies to also bark.  How to stop my 13 yr old dog barking at the door and rushing out to get petted by the visitor.  How to stop my dog barking a people outside and walking by