Bored Dog Creates Behavior Problems

Have a Bored Dog? This May Be Creating Behavior Problems

In many cases a bored dog is very similar to a bored child. If you don’t fill that brain with good things to do and think about, both the child and the dog
will find things on their own to do to solve their boredom.

It truly does not take a lot of time or effort to turn your bored dog into a stress free, worn out wonderful dog again.  We are very mindful of this with Keeper who is truly, to smart for his own good!

Find what your dog is naturally attracted to and is good at doing.  Keeper is very athletic which is why most all of the videos he is in —he is Doing something that requires jumping, fetching, swimming etc.

Maybe your dog is not athletic.  But take the time to watch your dog and see what “trips his trigger”.  Maybe it’s searching for things.  Play “find it” with him inside or out and hide his favorie toy or a high value food treat and tell him to go “find it!”

Maybe he likes to retrieve.  Take the time to know your dog and what lights him up.  You’ll be glad you did.  Go from a bored dog to a “DOG WONDER”!

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  1. jennifer M Smith
    jennifer M Smith says:

    Love your ideas. Mine are the two Schnauzers, movement and prey driven. They are on an altered ‘y’ leash given 3 ft space between each other. When I go to Bear Creek Park I add another 6 ft leash giving them Nearly 11ft. If I give more they wrap round axle of scooter. They love to sniff and check out the animals especially goats. I also in the house sit on stool and use a cat toy. Small fur covered mouse on ribbon on 3ft pole. Squeaks realistically when shaken. Dogs go wild. Have to be fast with it because they will destroy it. I give them a treat instead of the mouse! Enjoy your videos. Keep dry and cool!

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