Success Stories

Review: Territorial Aggression

Hi, my name is Lori Latham and my dog is Maggie. I called Jim because Maggie was aggressive toward anyone that came over or anyone that would approach us, people or dogs, approach me or her when we were outside OR at home. After I talked with Leila on the phone, as a first step, […]

Review: Training 2 Puppies

We contacted Jim for puppy training and saw tremendous results after the first lesson

Review: Dog Aggression Over Objects

Hi, our names are Miguel and Ana Salinas.  Mateo was having behavioral issues to the point that he bit my mother in law. We have a new baby girl and we were worried that this aggressive behavior continuing. In specific, we wanted to accomplish the following: Teach Mateo to “Drop it!” and don’t bite when […]

Review: Fearful dog behavior

My name is Karen Slack. Belle, our Border Collie, is really afraid of people and new environments, causing her to bark and urinate on the floor. I called Jim as he had worked with my previous dogs. The minute he walked in the door – no barking or peeing. He worked her in our building […]

Review: Puppy Potty Training

Hi, we’re Brittany and Andrew Pauley and Paisley. With Jim’s puppy training we saw immediate results with sit, down and stay. One of our main priorities was potty training and she’s done excellent with that with Jim’s method. We can now go to work all day with no accidents in her crate!

Review: Housetraining a Puppy

We called Jim for direction in all aspects of training for our first puppy ever and were able to get Louie on Jim’s house training schedule in just two short weeks with no potty accidents. Jim also showed us how to train Louie to do sit, down and walk on a leash which we had […]