Success Stories

Video Review: Weimeraner puppy training

I’m really glad I met Jim and had him help me train my 13 week old Weimeraner

Video Review: Potty training a junk yard puppy

  Hi my name is Tracy, this is Curly.   Curly was wandering in my scrap yard in the middle of the heat with all kinds of fleas so we took her to the vet and got her all cleaned up and she’s on the mend. And I called Jim Burwell for some help in […]

Review: Fearful Dog

My story starts in November 2010 with the search for a dog.  What type of dog and do we want a puppy or a rescue.  We decided on a rescue Miniature Australian Shepherd. She was shy and barked for a long time and then she warmed up just a bit.  The foster mom said she […]

Video Review: Puppy Training a Pomeranian

Potty training a puppy:  My name is Courtney and this is Phoebe.  She is 5.5 months old.  We called Mr. Burwell because she wasn’t potty trained and she was crazy all the time.   Mr. Burwell was really nice and he helped train her and now she’s a much better doggie. I really love to […]

Video Review: counter surfing

See my video below Hi my name is Leah and my dog is Sophie. Sophie is an 18 month old Catahoula rescue. We had her for a couple of weeks and I discovered that my sweet little girl is a sweet little wild child. We worked with Jim Burwell before on 3 other dogs and […]

Video Review: my puppy jumps on people

See our video below!   Hi my name is Khoa and I’m Jasmine.  We have a 3 month old Husky named Sophie  and the reason why we called  Jim is : we were having a hard time having a 3 month old puppy in the house here. We were actually having some problems with her […]

Video Review: housebreaking a puppy

Check out the video below! My name is Laura.  I got Mokey from the Humane Society as a shelter rescue puppy. When I brought her home we were having some problems with things like house training my puppy.  She didn’t know anything like sit, stay any of that stuff and I’m not always the most […]

Review: bossy lab learns manners

Jim helped me with my 13 month old lab who was pretty bossy and running the show.

Video Review: Aggression

Kitty’s little English Springer Spaniel would bite people when they came over.  Listen to how she worked her pup and got amazing results.

Review: puppy housebreaking and puppy nipping

Hi, I’m Jill and this is Bella.  We called Jim because Bella was having problems being housebroken and within the first week with working with Jim, Bella     learned how to use the restroom outside very nicely. And we also worked on having her eliminate the nipping and we’ve done a really good job with that […]