Does Your Puppy Growl When You Come Near It’s Food?

I recently started puppy lessons with a client who has a 3 month old female terrier. This is a great puppy except for one thing. This puppy is already, at 12 weeks of age, guarding her food bowl and resource guarding stuffed Kongs. One of my client’s young sons was bitten on the hand as […]

12 Week Old Puppy Hell

I was trying to a be a nice guy!  I took in a client’s 12 week old puppy to keep for a week (while she was away) and to do some training.  He’s male, HIGH energy and very very full of himself.  He bites, barks for attention and jumps on us and our dogs relentlessly […]

House Training Your Puppy

House training your new puppy doesn’t need to be complicated. I recently got an emergency call from an owner who was frantic about her new puppy peeing in the house “all the time”. On my first visit I discovered that she was giving her new puppy free access to water and free access to unlimited […]

Puppy Training

Puppy Biting – What NOT To Do

I recently read a blog posted by dog trainer,G.D. Williams, on how to correct puppy biting.  I must say that I was absolutely appalled at the suggestion that an owner should “come down hard on the puppy” and give the puppy, among other things, a “strong blow to the nose!”  This sounds like something out […]

Marley & Me – 23 different dogs used – how’s that for dog training

I’m thinking about seeing Marley & Me when it comes out this Christmas. I’m also thinking it might be a good movie for people to see if they are considering getting a new puppy or dog.  It’s a great reminder of the huge responsibility and time commitment that comes with getting a new puppy or […]

Dog Training – Some Puppies can be scaredy cats!

We all want a puppy that is outgoing, confident and not afraid to approach anyone, one that grows up to be a good “ol’ dawg”.   Occasionally we come across puppies that are very timid and almost fearful.  You do what you can initially thinking they will grow out of it, but as age 4,5 and […]

Puppy Training

I Want A Puppy For Christmas

With Christmas around the corner – and I do mean literaly “just around the corner”, I am always reminded of the thousands of Christmas puppies (probably even more) that are snuggled up in Santa’s bag waiting to go to a new home this coming Christmas Eve.  More importantly, their wish is that they get a […]

Dog Training Tip – Socialize Your Dog—It’s Important!

In the last 2 weeks I have had two clients call me with dog behavior issues in their relatively young puppies.  After speaking with both of them, the common denominator in both of their dog’s behavior, was lack of socialization of these puppies at an early age and no dog training. What was even more […]

Puppy Potty Training

I’ve had a couple of lessons with a very nice client who has, to say the least, more than a handful of small puppies in her house.  You literally can’t count them all on one hand.  Her biggest complaint was house soiling.  Prior to my helping her, there had been no training and no structure […]