Puppy Training Secrets: What Age Is Appropriate?

  Many people wonder what age is appropriate to begin training a puppy. Is there a puppy training secret to doing this right?  Doing training while your puppy is still young will certainly make things easier, but you can train a puppy at pretty much any age. The best time to begin training a puppy […]

New Puppy? 9 Misconceptions of How to Begin to Train a New Puppy

  Everyone loves puppies and especially that wonderful puppy breath. But did you know that most new owners do almost everything wrong to begin to train their puppy? Unfortunately, people view puppies as small dogs, and they’re not – they are babies. Puppies have certain needs to not only be trained, but needs related to their […]

Puppy Biting – Are You at Your Wit’s End? Four Facts About Puppies and Aggression

Puppies are generally taken from the litter at 7 to 8 weeks of age. This time with its litter mates is critical as it is used to help puppies learn to read body language and signals with it’s littermates through play and interaction. Signals like, let’s play or too rough!, or back off please! Good […]

Dog Training: 4 Steps To A Potty-Trained Puppy

If you have a new puppy in your home one of the first things you want to accomplish is to get your puppy potty-trained. No one wants their home to smell like a kennel and constantly cleaning up potty accidents after a puppy gets annoying and stressful. Most dog owners know that puppies don’t understand that they […]

Dog Behavior: Puppy Play Or Aggression – Be Careful How You Train

  One of the benefits that a puppy receives by staying in the litter until 8 weeks (assuming the breeder is doing their job), in addition to bite inhibition, is learning how to communicate with their litter mates. Certain signals between puppies say “let’s play,” “out of my space,” “easy,” or “no harm intended.” It is […]

Dog Training Step by Step: How to Help Your Puppy Overcome Being Fearful

Unfortunately, sometimes you have a puppy or dog that seems to be fearful of either one thing – or many things. Everyone wants a happy, outgoing puppy or dog that just loves life and everything in it, but that isn’t the case with every puppy. If your puppy seems to be afraid of certain things, […]

Do You Know the Critical Time Frame For Socializing A Puppy?

Did you know when the window of opportunity to socialize your puppy begins to close? If you said 6-9 months you are way too late. It is critically important to begin socializing your puppy before four months of age. If you wait beyond this point to begin training your puppy how to act outside the […]

How Soon Can Puppy Training Begin?

Lots of puppy owners have the incorrect belief that puppies are not capable of learning at such an early age. To the contrary, early training of your puppy is the best time to begin. Instead of waiting till later and allowing the puppy to learn bad behavior, train early and teach good behavior from the […]

Puppy Biting – What Not to Do… And Why

  There are many suggestions on how to stop  puppy biting. One is that an owner should “come down hard on the puppy” and give the puppy, among other things, a “strong blow to the nose!” This sounds like something out of the dark ages. Here’s an example of how that out of date training […]

House Breaking A Puppy – The 3 Things You Don’t Know

One reason people find it difficult to train and house break a puppy is that the puppy has absolutely no idea what the owner is trying to teach. And, many times, the owner’s expectation of the puppy is beyond what the puppy is capable of at that certain age. This communication gap is never more […]