Happy Ending For Family’s Dog Biting Problem With 9-Month-Old Puppy

Puppy Biting Family Members   Some time ago I received a call from a client who was concerned about her 9-month-old puppy biting family members and friends.  There had been a couple of instances where this had occurred. On my first visit I was to meet with both the husband and the wife – and the dog […]

Your Dog Training Questions: My Puppy Bites Me

Your Question: Jim, I have a new puppy. She is a 6-month-old Maltese. We are potty training her, socializing her with our friends and generally following all of your advice. Everything seems fine, except that when we are pet her and play with her she bites and sometimes her bites are way too hard. Will […]

Your Dog Training Questions: How Can I Let My Puppy Know When Behavior Is Bad?

I’ve said time and time again that you need to be a leader to your puppy for him to understand what kind of behavior you expect. But how do you communicate this to a puppy? After all, you can’t reason with your puppy. But don’t worry, because it’s not as hard as you think. Your […]

Puppy Training Secrets: Food Matters. A lot.

Don’t you wish your new puppy came with a manual that told you exactly how to train a puppy? A puppy’s natural activities of running, chasing, biting, chewing, peeing, pooping, jumping, digging and barking can take you to the edge of your sanity if you are not prepared to deal with them. The truth is […]

Puppy Training: 5 Big Mistakes People Make When House Training

Everyone loves puppies and especially that wonderful puppy breath. But did you know that most new owners do almost everything wrong when beginning to house train their puppy? People tend to think that a new puppy will think like a mature dog but they do not – they are simply puppies. Puppies have certain needs […]

Puppy Training: 15 Minutes A Day Can Avoid Adult Dog Problems

Have you ever asked “what could I have done differently with my puppy when he was a new puppy that could have made him a better dog so I wouldn’t have these adult dog behavior problems?” Most seasoned dog trainers would agree that the earlier you begin training your puppy, the stronger the training foundation […]

Your Dog Training Questions: Where Should I Socialize My Puppy?

If you have been reading my blog for a while, (or if you haven’t, hello new readers!) you know that I preach the virtues of puppy “socialization.” So what is socialization and where does it happen? It is the process of exposing your puppy to people, places, sounds, sights and smells when they are young. […]

House Training vs. House Breaking: The Difference For Puppy Training Basics

When teaching puppy potty training to new puppy owners, some professionals use the term house training and some refer to it as house breaking. So which is it? While this can seem to be confusing, it’s really not because both terms refer to the same thing: Teaching your new puppy when and where to go […]

Puppies: Tips For Getting A New Dog, Even An Older Dog

Thinking about getting a new dog or puppy? Generally it’s better to plan an adoption from a shelter or the purchase of a pure bred dog. But, you never know when you will happen upon a stray that tugs on your heart strings. I was surprised once. I said I would never have a new […]

Puppy Training: Are You At The End Of Your Rope With An Aggressive Puppy?

Puppies are generally taken from the litter at 7 to 8 weeks of age. This time with its litter mates is critical as it is used to help puppies learn to read body language and signals with it’s littermates through play and interaction – signals like, let’s play or too rough!, or back off please! Good […]