Puppy Basics and Life with Kids

Do you find yourself “frantic” trying to incorporate puppy training basics and life with your kids? Does it seem like you’re constantly doing a juggling act in a 3-ring circus and nobody – the kids or the puppy seem to be complying? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Help is on the way! […]

Thinking About Getting a New Puppy?

Raising a puppy is like raising a child. The difference is that kids grow up and eventually leave the nest. Puppies on the other hand, stay with you forever. So it is important to plan your lifetime with your new puppy.

Why Are Some Puppies Aggressive?

I get a few inquiries now and again about aggression in puppies.  The owners who wind up with an aggressive pup can’t help but wonder why me? While there can be many reasons behind this aggression, hopefully  the following offers up at least one reasonable explanation – the sometimes bad effects of taking pups from […]

Is Your Puppy Afraid? Why Dogs Act Fearful And 5 Steps To Help

Unfortunately, sometimes you have a puppy or dog that seems to be fearful of either one thing – or many things. If your puppy seems to be afraid of certain things, like men, kids, the vacuum, the good news is that you can change your dog’s behavior. Lots of dog owners believe that puppies will […]

Your Puppy Training Questions: My Puppy Bites Too Hard

Today’s question, submitted via Twitter Jim – my new puppy bites my hand hard! I think she’s just playing, but it hurts. How do I get her to stop? She is 4 months old.   My Answer: The first thing you can do is to start socializing your puppy. If adequate puppy training, desensitization and […]

Puppy Training: Big Barking Problems Can Come In Little Packages

Puppies are just too cute—aren’t they?  But sometimes that smallness and cuteness encourages the owner NOT to train their dog – big, big mistake! I did a series of puppy training lessons with a really cute fluffy puppy and went down the list of recommendations to do and precautions to take and showed them how […]

Your Dog Training Questions: Should I Use A Clicker To Train My Puppy?

Jim, What do you think of using a clicker for training a puppy? My Answer: I think the clicker is a great way to train your new puppy. Reward-based training or positive reinforcement training is best and, if you can condition your puppy to a clicker — that’s even better. There are a number of […]

Getting A Puppy For Christmas? 7 Puppy Training Commandments To Keep In Mind

I recently answered an e-mail from a mom thinking about getting her two children a puppy for Christmas. A quick review, never get anyone of any age a “surprise” puppy.  So, for those of you who have decided to take the big step of adding a dog to your family, these are the 7 puppy […]

Your Puppy Training Questions: We Want A Puppy For Christmas!

Your Question: Jim, My kids are in the middle of a campaign called We Want A Puppy For Christmas! I have to admit I am secretly rooting for them, but I’m not sure they are ready. They are 7 and 9. What do you think about giving a puppy to children as a gift? – […]

Dog Food: How You Feed Your Puppy Can Influence Calm, Good Behavior

When you are beginning to set boundaries for your new puppy, food and the controlled ritual of the feast can have a very significant impact on your puppy’s attitude and perception of his sense of place in the pack. Even if your puppy is a picky eater, the fact that you offered your puppy his […]