Dog Training

It’s Impossible to Train My Dog!

I sometimes think many dog owners take the easy way out and just say, “It’s impossible to train my dog!” Some will say, “It’s just my dog’s personality. It’s just the way he is, even though it’s impossible to train my dog.” If even after you have tried your best at dog obedience training, maybe […]

Dog Training: Does Your Dog Suffer from Owner Impairment?

Dog Training: Does Your Dog Suffer from Owner Impairment?

When dog training your dog, have you ever wondered why your dog might be slow to learn new commands? Does your dog show a “slow or no response” to a recall (come command) from the back yard when you’re in a hurry to leave the house or when calling your dog to you out of […]

No Dog Training? No Excuse!

No Dog Training? No Excuse!

No dog training creates dog behavior problems which unfortunately, more times than not, is a key factor to owners surrendering their dogs at shelters. The majority of surrendered dogs have had absolutely no dog training at all. Ask anyone at a shelter, they will confirm this. Don’t let it get to the point to where […]

no time to train dog

No Time for Training Your Dog?

I Have No Time to Train My Dog     You say you have no time for training your dog? I hear you loud and clear. Dog owners and non-dog owners alike, all over America, are time crunched. As a dog owner, your time is stretched, in high demand with your work or business pulling […]

Dog Training: Choosing a Dog Training School

  Learning how to become a dog trainer is not just about training puppies and dogs, y0u must know how to choose a good dog training school. A trainer not only must know about obedience training and canine behavior but they must also enjoy working with the people who own the pets. What a trainer […]

Dog Training in a Dog Obedience Group Class

I’ve taught group obedience classes for about 15 years.  I hadn’t taught for over a year, since selling out of Rover Oaks Pet Resort.  My client base kept asking, “When are you going to start teaching group obedience class again?”   I loved and missed the people, the dogs and the energy of my group obedience classes.  I especially enjoyed the “playtime” […]