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It’s Impossible to Train My Dog!

I sometimes think many dog owners take the easy way out and just say, “It’s impossible to train my dog!” Some will say, “It’s just my dog’s personality. It’s just the way he is, even though it’s impossible to train my dog.” If even after you have tried your best at...

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No Dog Training? No Excuse!

No dog training creates dog behavior problems which unfortunately, more times than not, is a key factor to owners surrendering their dogs at shelters. The majority of surrendered dogs have had absolutely no dog training at all. Ask anyone at a shelter, they will...

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No Time for Training Your Dog?

I Have No Time to Train My Dog     You say you have no time for training your dog? I hear you loud and clear. Dog owners and non-dog owners alike, all over America, are time crunched. As a dog owner, your time is stretched, in high demand with your work or...

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