Dog Training

Can I spank my dog?

Do You Spank Your Dog?

During a lesson last week I was asked by a client, “When is it okay to spank your dog?” I was really stopped short by this question, but admittedly not too surprised as there are still those that resort to getting really physical when it comes to correcting their dogs. Of course, my answer was, […]

Fix your Leash Pulling Problem – 3 Tips

  The # 1 reason dog owners quit walking their dog is because their dog has a leash pulling problem. Well actually, you, the dog owner has the leash pulling problem. Your dog doesn’t care if he pulls you down the street or not. Just as long as he gets to that other dog he’s […]

My Dog Ignores me outside

My Dog Ignores Me When We’re Outside

      My dog ignores me when we’re outside and he refuses to come to me especially at the dog park. What gives? He learned to come to me in that obedience class we took – but now it’s like he’s forgotten everything! Not only are you frustrated, but also tad bit embarrassed right? […]

Dog Training Short Sweet To the point

Dog Training: Short Sweet to the Point

You might look at dog training as a “time luxury” you can’t afford. Simple structure in the home, like earning “twice-a-day” meals by getting a simple sit, seems to be too much for many. Asking for any additional add-ons to the dog’s learn-to-earn program seems to push an already time-crunched dog owner to the point […]

Kids and Dogs

Kids and Dogs- A Survival Plan

Kids and dogs should be a natural combination right?  Well, not always.  Kids can, without realizing it, be extremely hard on dogs.  Lots of screaming, pinching, poking, pushing.  Kids get right up into a dog’s face and invade their space constantly.  Imagine if that was you and someone was always in your face, always “all over you”.  Your dog should not have to put up with that.  Kids and dogs is a 2 way street.  Be sure you teach appropriate behavior to Both of them

The Sit Command

The Sit Command: Your Swiss Army Knife

The sit command, if taught to your dog correctly and used frequently, could change your dog’s behavior for the better and forever. In fact, the sit command has so many uses it’s like a Swiss Army Knife.  You know, that wonderful tool used by millions of people all over the world to get them out […]

dog training routines

Dog Training Routines: A Fresh Approach to Good Manners

I now have to do dog training routines on top of everything else I have to do on a daily basis?! I know, dog training routines sounds like a daunting task. I know because I get those looks from clients that seem to say, “You’ve got to be kidding, right!” Like most other dog owners, […]

Train Your Dog by Changing Locations

Train Your Dog by Changing Locations

If you train your dog in different locations, the odds that you’ll get good behavior will usually be stacked in your favor. You know the old real estate saying, “Location, location, location.” In dog training, location matters as well. In fact, training your dog in different locations is a key ingredient to a well trained […]

My Dog Will Not Listen

My Dog Will Not Listen

Let’s change “my dog will not listen” to “problem solved!” Stop feeling as if you are competing with the world for your dog’s attention!     If your dog is a constant challenge on a walk especially around distractions like dogs, cats, people and squirrels, turning an otherwise pleasant walking experience into a catastrophe waiting […]

my dog licks

My Dog Licks and It’s Driving Me Nuts!

My dog licks constantly is one of many, frequent complaints from clients.  By the time I get the call or email, the owner’s tolerance threshold has been reached.  They are literally going nuts with their dog licking. Is it medical? If you have an incessant licker the very first thing to do is to have […]