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stop bad dog behaviors

How Do I Stop My Dog from Doing—

How do I stop my dog from doing —You Fill in the Blank!   Your blank may be filled with: My dog jumps. My dog steals my stuff. My dog counter-surfs. My dog digs in the back yard. My dog barks at people walking by. The list of complaints goes on and is never ending. […]

Toxic Flea Prevention Again

Here’s what I read today about another topical flea preventative!     I know flea prevention products contain pesticides, which were not good for my dogs but this, this was scary. This article included a  dog owner’s “question and answer” comment to noted veterinarian Michael Fox. Her dog had a bad experience after the owner applied flea control. […]

Don't Get Angry At Your Dog

Don’t Get Mad at Your Dog

Getting mad at your dog for his bad behavior can be a recipe for disaster.   Maybe you even think it seems like willful disobedience. While problems may not surface immediately, they may surface later. I’m not pointing a finger. If this sound familiar, it’s time to do things differently, because your present strategy is […]

teach dog front door manners

Training for Good Dog Door Manners

Good dog door manners should be a top priority in your arsenal of dog training. But how do you do that – get Good Dog Door Manners? You will always bump into the issue of: What do I want my dog to do instead of jump on people?  The perfect greeting for your dog is […]

Why Dog Training Will Not Work

Dog training will not work for many “problem plagued” owners for three specific reasons. Let’s take a look at these 3 reasons dog training fails,  so you’re prepared should you have a dog behavior problem of your own. Reason #1 Why Dog Training Will Not Work Unfortunately some owners ) are not quite stressed, frustrated […]

Dog Chewing Problem: 3 Easy Steps to Fix It

I know your dog chewing problem can be maddening. And quite frankly, it really “ticks you off, right?” I’ve got 3 easy steps to fix your dog chewing problem. You’ll be relieved and your dog won’t miss all that chewing on your stuff at all. If you play your cards right! Dog Chewing is Normal […]

Dogs working for what they want

Give Your Dog What He Needs

If you give your dog what he needs, you’ll get what you want – from your dog. You just want a well-mannered dog. At the least, you want a dog that leaves all the bad dog behavior at the door step so you, your friends and family can enjoy him to the fullest. How Do […]

Train OR Live with Your Dog

Training OR Living with Your Dog

The word “or” does not have to be in the phrase “Training or living with your dog.” Let me explain what I mean. Dog Training Can Be Frustrating First look at your family lifestyle, then look at your new dog. The thought of the whole training process and just how it’s all going to work […]

Keep Dog Training Simple

Make Dog Training Simple

Does it ever feel almost impossible to make dog training simple?   Probably, especially if you have multiple dogs. Before you know it, if you’re not watching, the pack can get away from you and bam! Chaos reigns. It’s as if they’ve formed their own community and you’ve become, well, you’ve become their people and […]

Second Hand Dog

If You Have a Second Hand Dog He comes with a “heart string” history of being shuffled from one owner to another; losing bits and pieces of his confidence, trust and self-esteem with every shuffle.  He comes to you with an unknown history, starting life perpetuated by bad or uneducated owners who left him abandoned, […]