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Puppy Crazies Can Drive You Mad

Be Prepared, Be Very prepared, for the “Puppy Crazies”       Most new puppy owners like John and Mary, don’t get a free pass from the puppy crazies. They thought they were ready with all the reading and watching videos. But the reality of bouts of wild, random running, attacking and biting anything and […]

Does Your Dog Come When Called?

  Dog Won’t Come When You Call Him? Let’s change That Now   If you want your dog to turn on a dime and come when called then make it fun. It is critical that every dog know this potentially life-saving command. If taught correctly, getting your dog to come when called, can be fun […]

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Train Your Dog to Stay

  Train your dog to stay. Solve a Bunch of Dog Problems Dog problems such as: Jumping Counter surfing Getting your pizza off the table   To train your dog to stay in a sit, down or “on their place” you must first build time on staying. This happens before you add distance or any […]

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Fix Barking on Leash – 3 Tips

  Barking On Leash Ruining Your Dog Walks?     If you’d like to stop the embarrassment and the frustration, I’ll teach you how. My video below will give you 3 tips for fixing barking on leash that will have you enjoying those walks again in no time! Aggression aside, why does your dog bark? […]

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5 Habits of a Good Dog Owner

  I Can Tell If I’m Working With a Good Dog Owner   It’s very clear by the end of a 3 lesson set. Ever wonder if you stack up as a good dog owner?”  It’s not that you’re a bad dog owner but just like a recent client asked: I’m wondering if I am covering […]

Overbearing Puppy and A Senior Dog: 3 Critical Tips

  His Entrance is Grand, This New Big Overbearing Puppy     He pounces, bounces and body slams your small senior dog into the next room. You’re wondering? “Should I let them play like this?” The short answer is: No. Not like that. Not even in the “name of socialization!” Small senior dogs do get […]

Mealtime Barking Got You Miffed?

   My Secret to Fixing Mealtime Barking   I know you get annoyed at your dog for barking during dinner. Dinner is that time of day when you’re trying to unwind and spend some stress free time with your family. But the barking ruins a perfectly good meal. It’s always a good idea when you […]

Apples & Oranges Dog Training

    The Choices of Dog Training Confuse Me       The old aying of “it’s like apples and oranges” applies when choosing the best dog training for you and your dog. You have an ill-mannered dog and you’re frustrated on how to choose the best way to approach getting this fixed. Let’s Discuss […]

Puppy Training Tips

Practical Training Tips for Puppies

    Are You Training Your Puppy or New Dog in a Way That’s Convenient for You?       Instead of teaching him what he should be learning?   You’re asking for trouble. Here’s what I mean. You assume if you let your puppy outside in the back yard to potty, he will. That […]

3 Things to Expect From Your Dog

I have just a few things I expect from my dog, but he’s just not doing them. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable. I concur. We should expect certain things from our dogs. But, only if we have first taught them to give us those things. Here Are 3 Things You Expect From Your Dog […]