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Don’t Spank the Puppy

  Don’t Spank The Puppy I was taken aback last week with a question. And that question was, when do I spank the puppy? My obvious answer was, you don’t. It’s Not Appropriate to Spank The Puppy To spank your puppy is inappropriate.  Here’s a couple of good reasons why. Let’s say you come home […]

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Stop Puppy Biting 1 Easy Tip

Stop Puppy Biting with One Easy Tip   There are a lot of reasons for puppy biting. They’re teething, they play with you like they would play with their litter mates, and that includes that biting.  Oh yeah, they use their mouth because they don’t have an opposing thumb to grab your arm and say, “Let’s […]

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Easy Puppy Training for Great Manners

  Easy Puppy Training for Great Manners   I wanted to share some  easy puppy  training for great  manners  so  you too can train your puppy around the family and especially the kids. All you really need is a food motivated and a hungry puppy and his food in Ziploc bag or treat pouch. Sitting […]

Easily Get a Well Trained Dog

EASILY GET A WELL TRAINED DOG – DO THIS ONE THING CONSISTENTLY Now, eventually, you can get a well-trained dog meaning you have a well-mannered dog!  You keep his stress and yours to an absolute minimum if you can only remember to do one single thing. That is to require your dog to sit for […]

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Dog Training Tip For Training Small Dogs

Dog Training  Small Dogs   You know, dog training  small dogs that are extremely hyper and jumpy can be very frustrating to train, because they’re moving around so much. There’s one thing that can change all that and make training a breeze. Here’s the one thing that you can do. You can train that small […]

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Dog Play – Make It Fun Not Failure

How to Avoid a Dog Play Disaster with Your Dog   I know you don’t want your dog’s first experience in dog play to be a social flop. He could get overwhelmed or he could develop bad play habits that might last a lifetime. Playing with the wrong dogs first could wind up setting the […]

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Kill, Control Fleas Safely, Organically

Fleas Are a Blood Sucking Menace to Your Dog So, how do you naturally kill and control them? I hate putting toxic chemicals on our dog every month don’t you? But we have to control fleas that are always biting our dogs and sucking our dog’s blood. Let’s Talk Organic Flea and Tick Control. The […]

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Dog Invades Their Space

 90# Dog Invades Their Space, A Huge Problem! John and Mary were concerned that their 18 month old male German Shepherd dog invades their space all the time. He also pushed his way into their children’s space and also visitors. It was no laughing matter. Blaze, the German Shepherd was a whopping 90 pound problem! John said, “My […]

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Puppy Crazies Can Drive You Mad

Be Prepared, Be Very prepared, for the “Puppy Crazies”       Most new puppy owners like John and Mary, don’t get a free pass from the puppy crazies. They thought they were ready with all the reading and watching videos. But the reality of bouts of wild, random running, attacking and biting anything and […]

Does Your Dog Come When Called?

  Dog Won’t Come When You Call Him? Let’s change That Now   If you want your dog to turn on a dime and come when called then make it fun. It is critical that every dog know this potentially life-saving command. If taught correctly, getting your dog to come when called, can be fun […]