Dog Stories

Journey To A House Trained Dog (Part 1)

By: Michelle Mantor April 2007 Recently, house soiling from my Maltese/Yorkie mix, otherwise known as the 3lb Wonder (her real name is Sake), has risen in importance in my household. One year ago, when she was just a year old, she was given a “pass” because she was still young and her “mistakes” were accepted […]

Getting fit with Fido

Every January 1st most of us make New Year’s Resolutions of getting fit and being better people.  And, by January 31st most of us have forgotten those New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately many of us just don’t take very good care of ourselves. But as pet lovers, we do try to take good care of our dogs.  […]

The Shopping Cart Dog

December 2006 a wonderful little homeless dog named Cooper came into our lives.  Here’s a link to his story and a video(actually 2 videos on site) hosted by the Houston Chronicle, but that’s just to give you some background. Cooper’s video Cooper has been a member of our family since January 2007 and he has […]

Unwanted Dogs in Houston Texas lose a good friend

I read in the Houston Chronicle this week that Kent Robertson has resigned his post as Bureau Chief of BARC (Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care) effective August 22, 2008. I’m going to miss him and what he’s done for the animals.  Because of Kent Robertson, the stray and unwanted animals of Houston Texas have a […]