Dog Obedience

The Value of a Well Disciplined Sit for your Dog.

The sit command is the easiest obedience command to teach a dog and yet most people don’t teach a well disciplined sit to their dog. Most people teach their dogs to sit as young puppies so dogs are already very familiar with the behavior and very comfortable doing it because everything positive has been associated […]

The Fun of Obedience Training

CeCe Spain She’s one tricky dog. We are pleased to present CeCe Spain, a client of Jim Burwell.  She started her training with basic obedience and quickly moved on to tricks.  Remember pet owners, whether you want your dog to do tricks, or just be the Perfect Pooch….. it all starts with basic training. AND for those of […]

Keeping your dog safe at Christmas

Most of us don’t think about keeping our dogs safe with the Christmas tree and everything else at Christmas until something happens and you say” I never would have thought that could happen!” Many of you have dogs that are veterans of many a Christmas past, then there are those of you that may have concerns facing […]

Dog Training Makes For Smart Dog and Smarter Owners

  There is no doubt that successful dog training, even if it’s a simple come command, takes time, and in our busy lives, time is one commodity we are finding very little of these days.  Positive training with food treats is not only extremely good for you and your dog, but if done correctly and […]

Mick Jagger says time time time is on his side – so is dog training

One of my clients has a 7-8 month old male Borzoi that is turning out to be a really fine dog.  We have taught his dog to sit, down, stand, stay, go to bed, wait when told, respect boundaries in the home and he won’t go into the street without a certain leash attached.  Pretty […]

Dog Training – Being a Foster Parent

I’m doing a seminar for foster parents of dogs with HPPL (Homeless Pet Placement League) and HOPE on how best to structure life with a foster dog to insure that adoption goes smoothly. Folks who foster dogs have a special place in my heart.  They are kind, generous, giving and truly have a love and […]

Dog Training – To Treat Or Not To Treat – That is the Question

There are really only two paths to take in dog training:  compulsion training (hands on shaping the dog’s body to sit or down) or inducement training.  I train using both methods.  It all depends on the dog and if some dogs will not work for food.  I say, if the end result is the same, who […]