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5 Easy Steps to Stop Your Dog From Pulling on The Leash

If you have trouble with your dog pulling on his leash, you can stop this dog behavior. You want to go in one direction, your dog wants to go in the other direction. Sound familiar? There are several things you can do. If your dog is still young, you want to stop the leash pulling […]

Six Minutes A Day To A Well Trained Dog

Lots of people believe doing obedience training with their dog at home takes too much time and effort. The truth is, if done correctly you can teach your dog to perform many commands and behave the way you want him to behave, by yourself, in your home. That’s where he needs to behave isn’t it? […]

Hurry Up and Train the Dog – Sometimes Slow and Steady Wins the Race

You may want to train your dog to obey all of those nice little commands such as sit, stay and so on. Owners who are willing to put in the time have actually trained their dogs to wait, go to bed, stand and respect boundaries. They even have dogs that won’t go out into the […]

Dog Not Listening To You? Here’s An Easy Secret To Changing That

Does your dog ignore you and not listen to you when you attempt to get him to obey? This is a pretty common dog training complaint with dog owners, but it is also a complaint that is pretty easy to solve. Here’s one way to look at understanding how to make your dog listen to […]

Easy Ways to Train Your Dog Not to Jump on People

Have you ever been all dressed for work, church, or special occasion only to have your dog jump on you and get your clothes all dirty, or worse, knock you down. Are you tired of having to apologize to guests as they come in when their first introduction is to your dog looking like a […]

Dog Training: Good Dog Walking Manners Start Before You Leave the House

Dog walking manners start before you leave the house. Find ways to get your dog to be calm before the walk begins

Training Your Dog to Sit

You can train your dog to sit relatively easily. The sit command is one of the best commands to master with your dog as it can be used to solve a lot of minor behavior issues with your dog. If your dog is trained to give you a sit, when he is sitting he is […]

Dogs on Furniture – Yes Or No?

  You come into your family room, only to find your dog happily snoozing in your spot on your couch! Now, for some folks this is not a problem–for others it is. When it comes to the touchy subject of dogs on the furniture, my vote is to YES, have dogs on the furniture. Yup, […]

Nuisance Barking – How to Fix It

As a natural and completely normal part of a dog’s behavior, they bark. While this may be for a number of different reasons, it doesn’t always mean that danger is imminent. Some dogs bark excessively, which can become quite annoying. It can be controlled, but you must first understand some of the reasons they bark […]

Dog Training in Houston – Saving Lives

Dog training in Houston, Texas has been my profession for most of my business career. One of the highlights in my dog training business happens when a client calls with a special need. Just such a client called last summer with a special request. Her daughter has a seizure disorder and their request was to […]