Dog Obedience

Your Dog Training Questions: Running After Other Dogs While On Walks

Walks are extremely important for both your dog’s good health and good behavior. Daily walks let your dog expend energy in a positive, healthy way. But sometimes dogs act up while they are on the leash. Here’s a question from a reader about her dog’s habit of chasing other dogs. Your Question: Jim, We are […]

Your Dog Training Questions: How Can I Make My Dog Come Back On Command?

Today I’m answering a question from my Facebook page from Shawn Hiter about calling your dog back to you in any environment, at any time. A good recall (the “come” command) can keep your dog safe and maybe even save your dog’s life. Shawn’s Question: Jim, I took my dog to the beach for the […]

Dog Training: Keep Training Short, Simple and Successful

There is no doubt that successful dog training, even if it’s a simple come command, takes time and in our busy lives, time is one commodity we are finding very little of these days. Positive training with food treats is not only extremely good for you and your dog, if done correctly and consistently it […]

Dog Training: The Ten Commandments To Doing It Right

There are certain things that every dog owner should know if they expect their dog to grow up to be a well behaved, well adjusted dog. These tips I call the ten commandments, are some basic ideas you should keep in mind so that your dog training can go smoothly and be fun for you […]

Dog Training: Potty Training a Puppy Or Dog – You Are the Key!

  Potty training or house training your dog can be somewhat difficult if your dog or puppy is left inside all day while everyone is gone. It can be done however, if you are consistent with your dog training. If you are having a hard time potty training or house training take a step back, take […]

Dog Terrified of Water Swims The Atlantic

Well, ok, it’s not EXACTLY the Atlantic Ocean 🙂  This is Sammy Burwell our black lab who really does NOT like water–no he HATES water. We took him to Rummy’s Beach Club in Spring, TX to use their warm water swimming.  You see Sammy had surgery on his hips for dysplasia and excess bone growth […]

Your Dog Training Questions: My Dog Only Listens If I Have A Treat

People have different ideas when it comes to training their dogs to do commands. While many prefer a hands on approach (called compulsion), others give treats as a reward for the dog’s appropriate actions (inducement). So, is one better than the other? What is the correct things to do? The answer is both. What I […]

Dog Training: There Is One Key Element That Can’t Be Ignored

Often dog owners believe that it takes too much time to train their dog. In today’s world where time is at a premium, you need quick easy methods for everything. The same is true for training your dog, you don’t have hours or even thirty minutes to try to make your dog behave the way […]

Tips for Obedience Training Your Dog

The Amazing Benefits of Obedience Training Your Dog

Owning a well behaved, happy, well balanced dog takes work. So before you run out and get a new dog or puppy, give it some serious thought. Make sure you are ready for the commitment and care it takes to add a new dog or puppy to your family. Unfortunately many dog owners do not […]