Dog Behaviour

Who’s To Blame Owner, Victim or Dogs?

I just read in a Google Alert on dog training, that in the case of Marjorie Knoller, her murder verdict has been reinstated.  I’m sure most of you remember this case in San Francisco back in 2001. Ms. Knoller and her husband Robert Noel owned 2 Presa Canario guard dogs in San Francisco and lived […]

Dog Training and Cats?

I received a call last month from a client with a new dog that was terrorizing her cats.  It was at the point where the dog was going to have to go if he couldn’t learn to live with the cats.  She asked me if dog training could fix her dog’s behavior?  It reminded me of […]

Question on Blog Post of Problems Walking On a Leash

This past week, I received a comment from Sandy regarding my blog on Problems Walking on a Leash.  Sandy’s question was:  What is the best way to be prepared when you’re not sure if the dog will react badly to another dog even if the leash is slack. Here’s my response:  Sandy:  you may find […]

Dog Bites – A potentially serious threat

A 7 month old Rottie was doing some serious resource guarding of food bowls, couches, dog toys etc.  The owners, who got him at 8 weeks felt that apparently since birth this dog had been very assertive. With no structure for the dog in the home for 7 months straight, both the dog and the […]

Dog Training Using the Gentle Leader

What I’ve experienced in my years of dog training, is that the Gentle Leader is a great dog training tool when you need to control large unruly dogs and/or aggressive dogs – regardless of size. The key to using the Gentle Leader in dog training is persistence – desensitizing your dog to wearing the Gentle […]

Your dog's not stupid

The other day I had a training session with a client and her Beagle.  He is a highly distracted dog with his nose always to the ground and she was having difficulty getting a reliable recall or “come” command. I remember someone asking me one time, “Why do some dogs do better in obedience than […]

Tug Of War

Tug of War With Your Dog – Good or Bad—depends

Is playing tug of war a good game to engage in with your dog?  It depends on who does it, and how the game is played. Every dog has, to a greater or lesser degree, predatory instincts or prey drive.  Prey drive includes such behaviors as:  running, chasing, biting and chewing. Before you start it will also be […]

Aggression In Your Dog

Dog Problems – Denial or Procrastination

To this day, I will never understand why people will wait until dog problems get to a point of frustration, panic or pain (emotion or physical) to seek help on understanding and fixing the problem.  Some people it seems, at least from my experience, stay in denial or put up with a myriad of dog […]


When Dogs Attack Walkers, Runners, Bicyclists

I received an email from a lady asking me about helping with training walkers, runners and bikes in deterring dog attacks effectively and safely.  Interesting request. The actual activities of walking, running and biking (motion activities) all tend to elicit the prey drive in dogs.  While avoidance is the best cure for the problem, it […]

My Dog Will Not Listen

Problems walking on a leash

In the last week, I’ve been with 3 different clients whose common complaint was dog aggression.  One dog was a female lab mix, another was a male golden and the last was a female Corgi.  The female lab was definitely territorial and lacked proper socialization.  But, the Golden and the Corgi’s behaviors could clearly be […]