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Bored Dog Creates Behavior Problems

Have a Bored Dog? This May Be Creating Behavior Problems In many cases a bored dog is very similar to a bored child. If you don't fill that brain with good things to do and think about, both the child and the dog will find things on their own to do to solve their...

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SIT STAY A Must Have Command

  A reliable sit stay is a must have command. But most people don't train this at all or train it haphazardly. Have you ever wondered how you could get a better sit stay or down stay with your dog? I've been training on platforms and tables for years.   Using a...

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I’ve got a jumpy dog – Easy Fix

 Nobody Likes a Jumpy Dog If you've got a jumpy dog then you want to know what's the solution? Well, teach your dogs to do something else. What is that something else? An easy solution might be to teach your dog to sniff something else other than try to jump up and...

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Backyard Barking Solutions

BACKYARD BARKING SOLUTIONS   Why Is My Dog  Barking in the Backyard? If your dog's backyard barking has got you concerned, and your neighbors are complaining, it's always best to figure out first why he's barking. He could be fence-barking at the dog next door,...

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Creative Exercise For Your Dog

  Creative Exercise Manages Energy Using creative exercise is one way that we manage Keeper’s incredibly smart brain and wear his little butt out! I've been using fetch with Keeper, to have him fetch his dummy for exercise. When I'm gone during the day, Leila...

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Your Leash is Talking to Your Dog

We communicate with our dogs in many ways. One of which is how WE handle the leash that is attached to our dog. If you are dealing with a dog that is scared on walks, how you handle the leash sends either good or not so good messages to your dog. Watch the video and...

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Is Your Dog Interested in You?

Signs your dog is not interested in you: My dog will not come to me when I call him! In fact he completely ignores me. How do I fix that Easy - become interesting to your dog!. Be the person he looks forward to seeing. Be the person that makes fun things happen. Be...

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Confidence Building for Scared Dogs

Scared dogs need help with confidence.  Building the confidence in your scared dog can be as easy as playing a game. When your dog learns that doing one thing gets him something  he wants - that's confidence building and the lightbuld goes off and he thinks YES I DID...

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