Aggressive Doxen

Ben the Doxen gets housetrained and quits being aggressive to men and dogs


This little doxen was aggressive to men and also had some potty training issues. We worked on

in home dog training in Houston with the owner over the course of 3 weeks. There was a major

difference in her dog’s behavior with the training. The dog is not aggressive to men any more

and is doing well on potty training.

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  1. Jim Hard
    Jim Hard says:

    I have a brother-in-law, ex-banker like you, that is having biting issues with a 5 year old male nutered smart Fox Terrier. The little dog takes things toys and food under the bed and has bitten him when he tries to get them back. The little dog has gotten out of the house and gets out and tries to bite workmen and persons walking down the street. He can be agressive He does not bite me, he likes me and his mistress, and my wife. But I have not tried to get his toys or food away from him under the bed. They moved to Houston and brought the dog, after my brother-in-law retired from the Duche Bank. Ideas, suggestions, & estimated costs.
    Jim Hard Cell 713-818-8898.

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