Barking for Attention – The Fix

Barking for Attention – The Fix

Tired of your dog barking for attention?

What if I said you could fix your dog’s attention barking by doing almost nothing at all?

If that’s the case, then watch the following clip on Barking for Attention that was taken from our Friday night’s DogBehavior.TV show that streamed live from our website.

Our viewers learned the secret you’re about to see as well, plus they learned a great tip on how to stop their dog’s barking at the doorbell.

So, enjoy this short video clip, learn and apply the technique at home with your dog.

I also want to invite you to visit our  DOGBEHAVIOR.TV and learn more about our show that is live every other Friday on our website. Join us, have fun, ask questions and learn how to have a better mannered dog!

Enjoy this short video and learn the secret to fixing barking for attention now!



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  1. Karen Rawson
    Karen Rawson says:

    OK, I don’t quite get this. Duke sleeps or quietly entertains himself while I’m working for an hour or two, and then he wants my attention. He sits – he now knows that’s a rule – and barks! “Hey, remember me?” “Get up, come play!” I know he’s fine for 4+ hours without going outside, and I do play with him vigorously on breaks, but really I’m supposed to completely ignore those attention seeking barks? Or should I set a reminder to wake HIM or interrupt HIM for stimulation before he interrupts me? I guess I’m saying if he’s been good for 2 hours, maybe he deserves my attention. Should I ALWAYS ignore him? Or should I accept it and drill him with some sit-down-stay games for awhile?

  2. Jim Burwell
    Jim Burwell says:

    That’s great that you watched it on your cell. Did you have the video full screen or did you leave it smaller so you could comment?

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