Barking Dog - Just whose fault is it? - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons. Dogs bark to alert, when they want
something and if they are fearful or get spooked with strange things.

Dog barking can also be a result of boredom or seeking to get relief from social
isolation and it can be frustration or anxiety based as he tries to relieve
the tension in his relationship with you or the family.

Your dog barking problem may stem from social deprivation, that is, lack of
exercise as in “walking” or lack of mental stimulation as in training.

Consider adding a regimen of structured walks twice daily and three
2 minute obedience training sessions daily –  apart from everything else you do with your dog.

Walking will give your dog novel sights, sounds and experiences to process
during the day while you are gone.

Training will give your dog a sense of “working for leadership” rather than feeling
responsible for it himself.  This will also will create much needed mental fatigue.

If your dog has been banned from the house because of his destructive nature
and is now the neighborhood nuisance barker, fix the destructive issues that
your dog has —which sent him to the back yard to begin with and get him back inside!
You have now just fixed your barking problem.

Another reason dogs bark can be when you leave for work and they continue to bark while you are away.   This can be especially worrisome for people living in apartments or condominiums whose adjacent neighbors complain to management.

This warrants looking at your relationship with your dog. This may be the result of the dog feeling insecure in his relationship with you.  Your dog may not have been conditioned to be by himself as puppy and matters have been further complicated by unsolicited constant petting by you “loving” your dog.

Now your dog has a certain expected level of attention that cannot be satisfied while you
are away.  The dog is now barking to relieve the tension and frustration caused by your absence and the lack of the “constant petting and doting” It’s like your dog is going through withdrawal and doesn’t know how to handle those strange feelings.

While fixing most dog problems is not difficult, a dog barking problem is a
frequent complaint from dog owners and it does take patience and time to work
through the exercises consistently each day until the barking is extinguished.

Be as comfortable with the trainer of your dog as you are the teacher of your children. Remember: “Opportunity Barks!

Jim Burwell

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