Barking, Bossy Dog is Jeckyl and Hyde - Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

Owner’s consistently working on their dog’s barking, bossy behavior just makes my day!

Saturday we were settling down here after a fun-filled night of Trick-or-Treaters. As I was about to turn off the computer I heard that familiar sound it makes when it alerts to an email arrival. I decided to check it out just in case it was a client with a dog issue. It was from a client that I saw last week with a 12 month old barky dog.

Here’s the scoop on his behavioral issues:
dog is spoiled and rules the house,
dog barks all night if put in the crate to sleep,
owners get dog out of crate to stop the barking,
dog barks uncontrollably at doorbell when visitors arrive
dog jumps on visitors
dog free feeds and is a picky eater, owners have gone through 5-6 different dog foods
dog pees and poops in the house
owners walk dog every day but dog controls walks and pulls owner down the street

Their biggest issue is the barking in the crate at night. What they did not know is that extinguishing a behavior like barking is a “process.”

This process includes ignoring a barking dog (and much  more) but more importantly, understanding that the process also includes “extinguish bursts” – more and louder barking will likely occur, during which you may see other bad behavior occur like scratching in the crate.

If you know this is to come you can be prepared for it.

If you don’t, you may think the trainer didn’t know what he was talking about and give up – which is exactly what they did before they met me and learned what to do.  Now they know what to do and here is their report after just one lesson:

“Jim, i am very pleased to report that your recommended strategies for Fluffy’s (name changed to protect the innocent) behavior modification is working!

In summary:

  • fluffy barked all night thursday night
  • fluffybarked off and on friday night
  • fluffy only barked for thirty minutes last night and did not bark again throughout the night.

feeding: fluffy did not eat her thursday evening meal and her friday morning meal

  • she has been eating her food over the weekend.
  • fluffy is having very lose stool this evening.

training: fluffy is doing excellent with her skills training of sitting and down.

  • she is very consistent with the ‘down’ phase.

We recognize we still have much work to do; however, the entire family is seeing results.  She is much calmer, barking less and obeys our commands.

Today, she still tried to get on our bed and when commanded ‘off’ she obeyed.  We look forward to our
next training session!”

Successful behavior modification will always begin and end with 100% owner compliance. not 80% – but 100%! stick with the program and get the results you want!

Be as comfortable with the trainer of your dog as you are the teacher of your children.  And of course remember:  “Opportunity Barks!”

Jim Burwell

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