Why Is My Dog  Barking in the Backyard?

If your dog’s backyard barking has got you concerned, and your neighbors are complaining, it’s always best to figure out first why he’s barking.

He could be fence-barking at the dog next door, like Keeper does sometimes, or he could be just plain old bored, like Keeper is sometimes.

Keeper  thinks he needs to be entertained 24/7. Sound familiar?

Backyard Barking Solutions

So, couple of solutions.

On the barking at the neighbor’s dog and noises in the back yard, what I would begin to do is to contain your dog more in the short run, while you begin to work on fixing it.

For Keeper, I have put him on a long line as you can see in the video.  It’s just a 10ft cotton line with a snap hook attached at the end.  This gets attached to his collar WHEN you can supervise your dog.  It is never to be left on when your dog is not supervised by an adult.

We put Keeper on a long line initially as a puppy  Doing this meant we had some control over him  and he tended to mind a whole lot better in the house,\

It also gave us better control  in the back yard.

With Keeper, it’s easier to contain his barking, and get him to listen to “quiet” when he does tend to go bark at the fence or at some kind of noise.

How to Use the Line to Control Backyard Barking

The barking starts and you should always give the  come command and praise and treat when he gets to you.

You have to do repetitions, and you have to be in the back yard to make that work for you, but he is definitely a lot more attentive to us when he is on the line.

Toys to Use to Stop Backyard Barking

As you can see right here, I’ve got a Bob-A-Lot, and I’ve got an Intellect Ball here. BOTH have been filled with small pieces of dog food kibble

You put a couple of these out in the back yard for your dog and it will keep him focused on doing something other than barking.

Watch as I show you how it works with Keeper.

Of course, now that I’m out here, I’m just going to make him sit. Good. Hold that sit like that. Good. Good. Yes.

Release him and put a couple of these items down here for him to go to town on, so instead of focusing on some other kind of noise to bark at or something like that, he’s going to be busy playing with his Bob-A-Lot or his Intellect toy.

There’s a couple of solutions for you, right there. Give them a try. By the way, it wouldn’t hurt to kind of keep him on a line in the back yard, as long as you can supervise him.

So that’s two solutions for you. Try them at your house, see if it works for your dog. I’m Jim Burwell, and this is Keeper, and we can still be found at

Don’t Punish Backyard Barking Behavior – Find the Cause

More times than not, dogs bark in the yard because of boredom.  They may also bark at the dog next door.  Both stress and the barrier frustration of the fence and not being

able to engage with the dog cause STRESS.  The entire purpose of the food dispensing toys is to create mental fatigue.  Mental fatigue reduces stress.  Less strees means less

or no backyard barking.

Together, We Can Raise a Happy and Obedient Dog!