12 Week Old Puppy Hell

I was trying to a be a nice guy!  I took in a client’s 12 week old puppy to keep for a week (while she was away) and to do some training.  He’s male, HIGH energy and very very full of himself.  He bites, barks for attention and jumps on us and our dogs relentlessly – and that’s the short list!  Sound like a puppy you might know?

All of our dogs are older and well socialized so I decided to send the pup to “Sammy’s School of Socialization”  (Sammy is our 5 yr. old black lab we found abandoned under a truck at 7 wks of age).  The pup was to learn to respect the space of other dogs and to better read their body language that says “Bug off!  You’re a pain in the butt!”  He tested ALL the dogs – one at a time and got rejected by all, because his play was to too rough.

This new puppy is starting to learn his lessons from not only our black lab Sammy, who turns around and walks away from the rowdy puppy, but he’s learning from our other dogs as well.  Our youngest small dog (a 3yr old terrier mix) ran back into the house and refuses to play with the puppy because of his relentless biting, jumping and rough play.  This puppy desperately wants to engage our dogs in friendly play and is learning a valuable lesson.  Play too rough and nobody here will play with you.

Remember, dogs do what works.  The lesson here is actually being given to us by our dogs.  Don’t act right and what you want goes away!  So put some human ingenuity into this with your puppy and use Sammy’s School of Socialization tactics and tame your rowdy puppy.

We have lots of great tips on training your puppy.

Be as comfortable with the trainer of your dog as you are the teacher of your children. And remember, “Opportunity Barks!”

Jim Burwell, Jim Burwell’s Petiquette

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