What's Your Dog Training Marketing Message

What’s Your Marketing Message?

Here’s something to think about. Your marketing message to your clients and your prospective clients must always:

  • Be consistent
  • Be about them and what they want, not what you think they want
  • How you can make dog training work for them

So how the heck, as a dog trainer, do you do this?

Last time you looked you didn’t have a degree in copywriting right? Yeah, me neither. I used to stress out so much about what I was going to say to market our dog training.

Let’s break down how to do this by what you say in your marketing message and how you say it. This should help you get your priorities right and some sort of routine in place.


Dog Training Marketing Message

Be Consistent

By this I mean have consistency is everything about your marketing, your brand, your content, your social media presence. Don’t look or act one way on Facebook and look and act a completely different way on your website. If you go take a look at our website, our Facebook page, our Twitter page, the look is consistent. Same picture of Jim, same picture of Jim and I. Same colors, same message. It’s not a schizophrenic hodgepodge of pictures and tag lines and messages.

What You Say

 The reality is that what you should say is really given to you each and every day by your clients. Think about your conversations with them. They are telling and will tell you exactly what they want from dog training, what they “think” they want, how they “think” they want to get it and most importantly what they want the end result to be. 

But as frequently and easily as this information is right there for you, when it comes time to market your dog training you end up putting what you think they want, what you think about how they should get it and what you think the end result should be. Now, don’t get me wrong. What you think they want etc. is more than likely what they truly need. But, when’s the last time that someone tried to tell you and insist on what you need—and you accepted it? That’s what I thought.

How You Say It

 Again, your clients tell you with every phone call, every group class, and every private lesson. They don’t use your words like, “resource guarding” or “earn to learn” or any other “dog trainer speak” as I always say to Jim.

Here’s a little trick you can do. When you’re talking to a prospective client, jot down the words they use to describe their problem and their dog. It’s amazing the good stuff that you’ll hear that you can later use as part of your marketing message. I love it when folks will say, “well he’s just getting even with me” or one of my favorites “she’s my little princess” or “I know, he knows he’s been bad”.


This is how your clients speak. You must speak back to them in words to which they can relate


I can hear you now. But Leila who the heck has time to do all this! I understand your question, I felt the same way. Where was I going to get the time?
What I’m here to tell you is that with all the information charging at you about do this, do that, no, that doesn’t work anymore and you have to spend this many hours doing this and this many hours doing that –if you buy into that you’ll drive yourself nuts.

Take a breath and take each piece a step at a time. Listen, I can’t tell you how many software programs I bought, how many guru’s I hung onto, how many info products that were going to let me break through all the noise.

And the sad part was, I was exhausted, stressed and just plain sick of it. I don’t want you to have to do that.

I’m happy to show you the 3 must have pieces to the puzzle that will make your business show up on the internet like it’s on steroids.

Either way, I’m glad you stopped by and I hope you come back weekly. I will be posting about marketing every Monday and Jim also posts articles where he can help you with your actual dog training and working with clients. Here’s one of his articles you should check out.


LEILA THUMBNAIL FOR ARTICLESLeila Martin is the brains behind the success of petiquettedog.com on the marketing side. She has run our online and offline marketing system since 2006. Leila’s ability to grow an online presence using both a website and social media in the dog training world has been a critical part of petiquettedog.com success . She has tripled the number of visitors to our website and increased our revenue by 25% each year.  
Bottom line: Our appointment book is always filled.

In her spare time Leila can be seen in her office dancing with her black lab Sammy Burwell.

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    Interesting. This has made me think about how I talk to clients and you’re right. As the dog trainer I tell them what they need but I’m not listening to how they say what they need and use that. Got it. Good stuff!

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